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In points in the central division on your home for the bears Kevin Japanese radio seven eighty one of five point nine FM WBBM news top five A. T. traffic weather together on the excel sponsored by Berman Subaru of Chicago here's to the cross let's start off with the ongoing road work the ramp from westbound Congress to outbound Kennedy is closed as construction at the burn interchange continues until June at the post a detour routes you northbound on Dearborn to Adams that westbound on to the outbound Kennedy the Edens inbound and outbound is still a free the Kennedy inbound is twenty minutes so her into downtown ten from the junction express lanes are currently closed in either direction for maintenance work and I'll buy into the airport is twenty no delays if you're on the Eisenhower and if you're on the Stevenson also no problems in either direction on the Dan Ryan fifteen minutes Sunday vestries into downtown outbound is clear I fifty seven the bishop Ford lake shore drive looking good and there are no delays on the toll ways or internet in northwest Indiana traffic is sponsored by Berman super of Chicago Chicago's only super dealer stop by at forty three thirty west Irving Park Road or shop online and super Chicago dot com today next traffic report at five twenty eight to newsradio seven eighty one of five point nine FM feels like a typical low winter morning in Chicago and some mall like snow in the area so much sticking to a grassy areas not much though just a dusting and we're gonna win coming out of the north at about.

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