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He said he was just trying to keep them from getting lost in the desert. Warren's arrest came not soon after the former attorney general Jeff Sessions said in two thousand seventeen that the Justice department would be committed to prosecuting cases just like this. So this is one example of now several how else have we seen the strategy? Plano, along the entire stretch of the border and a series of misdemeanor charges of people like Scott, including Scott himself charged with misdemeanor crimes for littering charges. Trespassing charges along the border. And then there's also cases of. Immigrants of immigration attorneys, and journalists who have been accompanying immigrants asylum, seekers mind, you across the border, who, who themselves have been detained harassed, photographs surveilled by US border patrol in CB p officers along the board, a Jeff Sessions has gone, but is the policy is still there. The policy seems to not have shifted. It will be fascinated to see whether this prosecutor is supposed to meet up again, July second with no more deaths attorneys. They said yesterday, they will decide before that whether or not they're going to try to try Scott Warren again, I guess the question is and Michel, I'm looking at the weather forecast today. It said it's going to be one hundred ten degrees in the deserts of Arizona today. Is the government's policy deterring any of these groups from providing aid to the migrants as they try to make this trek north? I mean, are they still out there doing the work that got Scott worn into trouble? No more deaths started in two thousand four and that year we at two hundred forty known recovered remained on the how many people die every year would nominate found last year. We had one hundred and sixty eight eighty eight were found around the region, where Scott was arrested since they who was arrested these numbers haven't changed on the reality. Is that migration numbers go up and down the number of dead? Also do a net. Seems to be the only thing that changes, how many people die in resumes, desert's every summer and they are still doing the work, and they're saying that they're going to continue to work presumably, that number would be even higher if they weren't out there and to be honest, if the border patrol search trauma rescue teams weren't also out there, a rescuing people in pulling the amount of the desert, that's a mutual, Modise go from K Jay Z's frontier.

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