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It Cinta Center. We have three minutes and 50 seconds to play in the second half. Xavier leading Bradley 44 to 43 scoring in the ball game for Xavier there, led by Zach Freemantle and two players that of friend double figures for Xavier. No other Xavier player has more than two. Phil Gold's Fremantle has 19 Scruggs has 15 Nate Johnson has not scored Yes. Seven rebounds. One autumn has two points, Carter two points, 10 rebounds, Griffin, two points, nine rebounds, Kinky Tandy, four points and one rebound. Kiki 10, He's only played five minutes this half. He's the only other musketeer that has more than one Phil gold other than Freemantle and Scruggs. So down the stretch here, wonder if he'll be back into this ball game. Child's leads. The Bradley Braves with night are 17 points. Have a nine and he has nine points. 33 pointers free throw by Paul Scruggs on the way it's the front of the rim and falls. Back towards the shooter. No good remains a one point lead for the Musketeers, all steps off the free throw lines and the ball back to the official. The officials are Playing the free throw their talking to both sides of the rebounders on the right the left side of the lane Now they're ready to go. Paul catches a bounce pass dribbles at one time Benzes these shots on the way it is no good. So he goes over to the league stays at one for the Musketeers at 44 43. Across the time line with low drivel is East Changing directions. Takes it from the right point to the left point on the double bag. Is it upto Henry? Absolute to the elbow? Hands it off to the three point shooter popping in, and he drives inside the lane and banks it in. On a fade away, and we've got a whistle in a family musketeer, a potential three point play the conventional way. There three point specialists. Drove it around the top of the key down the left side of the lane leaned in through the contact faded away and banked in off the glass. Was a smart play five a 985% 3 free throw shooter. It's on the way and it's no good rebound taken by that free male. That was no mean feat. That ball went over the head of Friedman on ahead of tap it forward to control it. Xavier trails by 1 45 44. 3 23 to play. Three to his own being employed right now, by Bradley. Three out top to underneath. The right corner wide open. Johnson fires three. It's got it his first three of the ball game and senior leads by 2 47 45. He was wide open in the corner. The past came from the left point. The right side of the floor 304 to go. He needed that one. Joe. That's the first bucket of the game for Johnson. He's trying to drive. No one is kicked back outside. Henry with Give it up. The child's working on Freeman on into the lane jump hook shot is blocked by Carter, who came over to help in the ball was knocked out of bounds. It will stay with the Brandley Braves were blocked by Carter. Great help by Carter. Carter's gotta come and doom or of that. We've got to make someone else beat them. This child. Childs has just been killing the Musketeers inside. We need to bring a double team once again Once he catches the ball in the low post, was a leading scorer for the Bradley Ball Club. 17 points 8 20 from the field, Carter with a big block there in a jump hook. Seven on the shot clock. Really with the ball top of the key making, Henry now they give it up for the three point shooter. Topper Naina. He ducks up another fires up a 17 footer rolls out across the front room. No good. Tapped up. No good catch up again. No good family is a rebound again and we got up. Balanced side against the musketeer. Henry came down with the rebound on the two Miss taps. He's fat on the play, He'll be the line to shoot to Henry of 75% free throw shooter Xavier leading by 2 47 to 45. With 2 34 to play in the ball game. This will be Bradley's only second field free throw attempt at the ball game every of the line to shoot too. Free throws on the way and it is good global. Across the front of the room. He averaged 10 points and six rebounds. Last year, he was under 20. 1920 20 Missouri Valley Conference. Most improved team 34 dribbles. Now he bends his knees fires away and he ties it up. 340.2 for two. It's 47 47 with 2 34 to go Xavier with basketball older brings it across the timeline, switching hands on the drivel. Now it's in his left hand back to his right hand top of the key. Accelerates down the lane spins of the lane. Hank shoots and misses the shot. Rebound. Taking away open with a pump fake plays it up. No good. Tapped up. No good rebound battle for autumn has it again in the pain trouble that after the win Great hustle by the Musketeers. That was Johnson came down that last three back Scruggs now with the ball on the right side of the floor to await to go shot clock in 11 for the Musketeers. Scruggs drives into the elbow behind the back move, loses every gains and loses it again. And he picks up his dribble, fires up with 17 footer and hits. And after all that commotion, he finally was able to settle in the defenders trying to steal the ball kind of lost their balance. It's.

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