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Of britain even though its main investors all come from outside the uk as europe correspondent orla barry reports from london. Some are already calling it. Britain's answer to fox news. When broadcaster andrew neil launched gb news a little over a week ago he was clear. What the uk's new tv news channel would be all about giving us will not slavishly follow the existing us agenda. We are committed to covering the people's agenda. Note the media's agenda. We are proud to be british. The clue is in the name militia former bbc broadcaster and gb news a star presenter. He also happens to live a lot of the time in the south of france. The channel has promised to take on so-called cancel culture. One late night show even as a segment called on cancelled the plans to speak with those who say they've been silenced on launch night presenter wooden opened his show with a rant about british football players taking the need there is nothing racist about opposition to taking the knee. It is a political gesture connected to the black lives matter organization which we do just have to remember supports the overthrow of capitalism and the defunding of how police the channel claims. It doesn't have any obvious political leaning onto uk regulations. Broadcasters are supposed to be impartial off com. Tv regulator has already received hundreds of complaints about gb news. The british government for one doesn't seem all that bothered in a newspaper column this past weekend. The uk's culture secretary oliver dowden rose that the station is a welcome addition to media diversity. If you don't like their ideas he said change. The channel match launch head of journalism cardiff university. He's in surprised. By this apparent show of support by the british government. The conservative party has for a long time. Felt that british bruyas news is broadly liberal and opposed in its values to what the conservative party stands for and some of the traditional values of conservative party supporters. Traditionally it's newspapers in britain. The show political bias majority lean to the right. This will be the first time. A tv station is seen to do. The same. Within days of the channels launch companies like ikea navia and blue girlish pulled their advertising. Heike tweeted that he doesn't like to appear on platforms. That don't share. Its humanistic values match ward says. This reaction actually plays into the station's narrative for jimmy muses point of view. It's probably being a really good thing because it's given them an opportunity to kick back against the advertisers and say look at these this cozy consensus that sitting here where we are the disruptors and in terms of the actual money that it would be making out of it well. I suspect they wouldn't have been receiving that much income from these birds anyway. Brushwood captured most attention in the first week of broadcast. Were the ads. But the on air blunders. The sound dropped in announcer radically on their captions. Were misspelled abiotic. Q. sometimes tyranny wrong in march eighteen ninety six. That's not right. Something incredible grows actually much eight hundred ninety six. Sorry my history. Doesn't the cameras sometimes panned two empty chairs indoctrinated studios. Maybe more embarrassing for the presenters. Were the trolls. Viewers pranked the work calling in using crude. Fake names presenter. Simon mccoy was clearly not amused. Some people use really funny to send in text messages on the basis. That if we read them out we we've been had you still doing it. And i'm watching them and it doesn't help anybody to to. The person's just messaged grow up. Angela phillips emerges professor of journalism at goldsmiths university of london says she was taken aback by all the technical mishaps. I was actually really surprised by both. How dull the foam was and how by the technical quality rose did look horribly like what we've all been looking at it than eighteen months. You looked as you're watching people on zoom most of the time before the channel launched many said. Gb news will be like a fox. News for britain phillips says that comparison is unfair to fox. I think we'll have to wait and see at the moment. It's just incompetent. News britain when folks launched it looked like a proper slake professional operation. This looks like amateur hour. Bought matt walsh. Who used to run a twenty four hour. News channel says these glitches are to be expected with any new station. The question is whether gb news can hold onto its viewers watch believes that the channel has its eye on the online market and that is really his to build up a paying subscriber base. In fact walsh says making a profit might not be the investors initial intention. Some of the backers were quite prominent in the brexit debate. What is it that they want to get out of. This is it. Is it money or is it cultural political influence. Just how long station can last without making money though few can say rupert murdoch ditched his plans for right-wing news channel in britain a couple of months ago where the gb news is. Britain's fox news are just a scrappy startup. one is rising it off. Just yes for the world. i'm more to bari in london. A bench breakthrough in the long simmering conflict in yemen report suggests that after its years long bombing campaign. Saudi arabia is now desperate to get out of yemen and ready to talk peace to discuss this. We turn to nod to sorry. She's a yemeni american political analyst and non resident scholar with the middle east institute in washington mud. Why do you think. Saudi arabia wants to extricate itself from the war in yemen. I mean it's been involved for six years why now this audi's are fatigued. They've been at war with the hoodies sense early. Two thousand fifteen and they've been particularly stock since the agreement which was brokered in december. Two thousand eighteen between the season had government which stopped the emirati horses from retaking the key. Seat seaboard of data from the.

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