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Were so agreed that his role could be cut by twenty percent of the snaps or thirty percent of the snaps against the chiefs on sunday when they might have to be throwing the football because they're playing from behind. I actually did think that. The forty niners claiming trenton. Cannon was sort of interest. Maybe wrong here. Maybe i'm wrong but cow shanahan's said that he wasn't going to have a fourth running back active. Who wasn't going to play on special teams. Try think cannon was signed signed by the ravens because he plays on special teams. He was claimed by the forty niners. I would suppose they don't need extra runners. They need special teams reinforcements. So i wonder if the fact that they trade clinch claimed trent cannon suggests that another healthy scratch could be on the way for tracer man. I don't think to michael hasty given that. He played last week and especially played on third down but could be kind of interesting to monitor like. Maybe there's trae sermon absence longer than we expect. One hundred percent agree and look. I talked about this a lot. The last couple of seasons. You need to be wary of day. Two and three and undrafted rookie running backs. Michael carter and trae sermon. We're going in the sixth seventh eighth round drafts. I mean the history of these guys is not great. Generally what you'll see is really slow. Start and then in the second half they'll start to pick up steam thing about camakers last year for example. I mean you can go on and on. That's the history of that position. Everyone just kind of assume they're going to be the guys you know. You have to be wary of that. I look. I thought he would be the next guy behind moster because that's how they operate it all off season. Even the week leading up to practice. He was running as the to some surprised by that. But when these guys disappoint you should not be shocked. That's why they're late round flyers guys. You're taking in the middle round draft. It's just too risky and history is told us this time and time again when my talks you should be listening. Let's get to mike's week too. Wide receiver cornerback batch of peace. It is up now on. Espn dot com. You know the premise. Mike highlights the players that have positive or negative wider. See excuse me quarterback match ups and what it means for. The fantasy fallout so mike. The bears last week faced. Probably a difficult match. Matchup as you're gonna find in terms of cornerback plays in the nfl against the rams. What's the outlook this week. And specifically what does it mean for allen robinson. Yeah it's quite the opposite actually situations. We're gonna talk about here. They were on the other lists. They were downgrades and week one now. They're upgrades here in week. Two so starting with hound robinson darnold either perimeter wide receivers for the bears. They're going to go up against it. Be a woozy for the bengals. Brought him from dallas in the off season. And eli apple. now they didn't wayne's. It's supposed to be that started. He was out last week then crazy. So he's gonna be out again this week for the bengals and look. They did struggle in that opener. They they won. I mean they upset the vikings that was impressive. But they'll twenty two catches two hundred and fifty yards in two touchdowns to minnesota's wide receivers. Obviously a terrific do there. But even k j. Osborne got in on the fun for the vikings in that game. They'll at the third most fantasy points to receivers. And i know that came over time even if you adjust for volume six worse against that position in terms of efficiency in week one. So it's a problem there. A woozy struggle tons of production. I won't get into the numbers there but apple might kill was heavily targeted. All three guys struggled. And that's notable because robinson was on the outside fifty seven percent of the time in week one mooney sixty two percent thing with these guys all over the field in this offense. So they're going to see all three corners. It's an upgrade situation. Like the bears receivers. This week i believe last week. If i saw the correct numbers that most of allen robinson's targets came opposite of jalen ramsey. Too who some consider the many consider the preeminent corner and football. So you're going from not just a tough match against the rams in general but the toughest match-ups against cornerbacks much favorable spot you've got robinsons. How your top ten mike. I am out on my top dan. And it's really nothing to do with robinson. The match up. It's probably just that wide. Receivers are super super talented this year. That like you get past the usual suspects that deandre hopkins in the tyreek stefan digs in even devante adams etc etc. And it's like the guys. I have between like eight and ten aren't some slouches. They are equally superstars whether it's just in jefferson or keenan allen our players of that calibre. Cd lamb in amari cooper. But we still all feel like a much better days ahead brown robinson. Yeah no doubt especially in this match up. The target is always huge. It was big last week. Even that tough match-up and again not the not the best start but again we expect that you know. He's facing off one of the best defense in the league and love that ramsey role. I mean the guy is so good that he plays the star. That's his position. He doesn't play a corner perimeter corner or safety or line but he's just all over the field they just use them however they need 'em every week it's amazing please. Football that guy is official. So let's go all the way from the bears bengals game to the bengals bears game as the other side of this matchup looks pretty favorable for friends in cincinnati mike again..

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