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I'm Girardin here at C. N. N. Center in Atlanta Georgia. And I'm one of the hosts of this podcast alongside Barbara McDonald the other host and I'm Dan Autobahn producing the show and before we get started there are thousands and thousands of murders that go unsolved. What is it about this one? Why are we telling this story? I think that the answer is easy for me. It's the imagery and I've I've worked since two thousand five hundreds of crime stories his and sometimes some just pop others. Just go along the rest of the way this one for me the imagery. I don't remember a case having that and that that's it's really what jumped out at me and I remember those early days and a lot of people were kind of captured by this story when it happened and I think for me what it was is the fact that this happened and on a Monday afternoon in broad daylight and parents always tell their kids go in numbers go together. You're safer that way. These two girls together and none of that matters. I'm coming into the story later later. Then both of you you you were there for for the beginning and when I first heard about this and I started hearing the details details. Wow how how is this possible when I say that I mean there's so many things about this case that don't make sense the biggest of which is why isn't this off the surface you look at what's been put out there by authorities the information available and that includes a picture of the killer a video. The killer audio you of the killers voice. We don't wear this crime happened. We don't win. This crime happened but somehow this has been solved. It's like a giant ink blot and the more you look at it the more you learn about it you see different things. It changes your perspective and five people can look at this this evidence and see dozens of different scenarios. It can be literally it can be whatever you want it to and you know when you look at the photos in if if someone will say oh I see X.. Since yeah sure but I also see why and so. There's no definitive answers to any of these possibilities disabilities one thing we do know. Is that all mysteries. Have Solutions and we're not trying to solve this case. We are trying to make sense of it and we're going to take you there to Delphi over over the course of the next eight chapters and we're going to introduce you to the people who lived this and some of them have never told their story before you're going to hear people who never were asked asked to tell their story and others were far too traumatized until now to be able to talk about it. I think a lot of times in cases like this. There's a lot of focus on the family as there should should be in. There is one of the things that's interesting I think about how we're GONNA unfold. This story is that there's a ripple effect that occurs when something like this happens happens and especially in a community like Delphi. You've got the you know school kids who are trying to wrestle with the fact that there's an empty desk in their class there are teachers who are trying to figure out how. How do I talk to the class? About what just happened. Because they're not prepared so we're going to actually get out into that. Community talked to some of those people in. It's really interesting to hear the how this is affected them in the ripple effect that that's all had on them and we're going to walk some of those key locations as well all in the service of really trying to answer two questions. What the hell happened out there? Can this be solved Leland understand. You won't understand. We want these pieces to make sense and as you come along with us and see those shapes keeps in how they may or may not fit together. You'RE GONNA have your own opinions too and they may change will.

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