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Candy and the boys are going to make your air conditioner saying like paparazzi, I think you mean Pavarotti. Yeah, him too. Joey ti TL or the ones to call, but it's artist fail. President Trump has been railing against China for the Corona virus outbreak that started there. And he's been considering executive action against China and one thing under consideration banning a social media app that is popular with kids in the US Curing America. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has suggested a possible U. S ban of TIC tac, Chinese owned social media APP and other products that could put us data at risk. You're evaluating each instance. Where we believe that U. S citizens data that they have on their phones. They're in their system or in their healthcare records. We want to make sure that the Chinese Communist Party doesn't have a way to easily access that Tic Tac has told media agencies it has never provided data to the Chinese government and the APP is not available in China. But US lawmakers have warned about Chinese laws requiring companies to support and cooperate with Chinese intelligence agencies. Sharing Halpern. Fox News More than eight months after a black man died following an arrest five former detention officers in North Carolina jail and a nurse or charged with involuntary manslaughter, accused putting John Neville on a face down restraint that restricted breathing and caused his death in Florida. A fraud busting a covert related scheme of Florida man and his three sons were accused of selling a bleach like chemical mixture is a miracle cure for the corona virus and other diseases. Facing federal charges of two conspiracy counts and criminal contempt. Prosecutors say this substance with sold nationwide for an entity called the Genesis to Church of Health and Healing and Bradenton, Florida. Back. In April, Miami federal judge ordered that self styled church to stop selling the substance, but authorities say they simply just ignored the order. John saucy, a Fox News Wall Street stock futures are down modestly the day after the Dow gained 177 points in the NASDAQ hit a new record high for the fourth time in five trading days. Dave Anthony. This's Fox News. My heart radio's new podcast for gotten Women of warriors investigates a series of murdered women that have haunted the U. S Mexico border for almost 30 years. The crimes suggest a wider conspiracy. The fact that a lawyer is murdered in such a public way or color and execution indicates that we're talking about something very big behind these murders, dive into the mystery and listen to for gotten women of Laura is on the I heart radio lap or wherever you get your podcasts. Are you facing foreclosure? Didn't come down to Mega Lo on partners were a market rescue company on we could help you keep your house provided you submit to our plans for connecting initial No, No,.

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