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One thousand Katie. Okay. New center and the highway patrol is investigating. Why pickup truck driver? Drove the wrong way on I forty in Oklahoma City overnight colliding with an oncoming car there were two occupants in each vehicle, and they were pinned for approximately three hours before being freed by the Oklahoma City fire department using the job of life. There Stewart where the department of public safety says four people were killed forty two year old Nina carpenter. Dell city was driving the pickup truck that was going the wrong way she was killed along. With a passenger forty eight year old Raymond Butler of Oklahoma City and the two women in the car that was hit thirty six year old faith, mayhem and Twenty-three-year-old. Michaela may hand were also killed and they were also both from Oklahoma City. The Nevada county jail will remain closed until it has been thoroughly inspected that from the Nevada county sheriff's department after the jail was evacuated. Last night after carbon monoxide was detected. The inmates were moved to the Washington county jail in bartlesville. The sheriff's office says a dispatcher got sick after the building's heating unit kicked on the exact cause of the leak hasn't been determined. But I suspect that it had something to do with exhaust fans and the sewer lines the new eight to f report cards for public schools are out and some education groups don't have a lot of good things to say about the new grading system. Oklahoma state school boards association director, Sean hyme says meeting student needs and not grades should be a top priority. He says identifying schools with a single letter grade is it necessary or helpful on such a complex issue. Oklahoma Education Association. President Alicia priest says teachers are doing everything in their power to provide the best education possible with the resources that schools are given governor stitch wants lawmakers to give him the authority to hire. And fire state agency directors but House Democratic leader. Emily virgin, says director positions require a high level of expertise,.

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