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Well i think your uh your summary is quite apps a brilliant either uh a coalition came together for a short time against common enemy and uh when you are going to be a stall uh uh libertarian it's a traditional sign they have more in common with each other they do with you gotta be you gotta be wiped bus out no question about it and with with south soviet union's uh in a by paul the world uh it's perfectly logical doc what frac in fact he was george well one of them i trump to sue who sad long before trump a candidate uh that's you look at the old conservative uh agenda uh as he put at the dogs i reject you the dog well i think that's interesting concept uh and others who are working on this before he came along uh but i bought me would say in the end what matters are adherence to what he called eternal truths uh that all opinions they're not have equal value but all cultures are not of equal value uh judeochristian traditions are superior thank you america is superior and exceptional um thank you and he would harbour no compromise with those people who questioned that he was uh a steadfast opponent political correct if the president really wants to pick up the bucks be manolete was an article by adds meese yesterday on some of the obama uh executive orders that trump can continue to reverse on political correctness i mean got an netted yeah was nothing but a an attack on its letica directed at this time it's gotten quite worth now and i think that um i have students that uh are are giving the be and with other it's about that they have a right to pick their krona i don't have a right to particular wreck their grammar so i think it might be notes that well i really know.

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