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Out as a very clear set of of steps beginning with the autocratic attempt and just comparing trump to Putin just comparing the United States to Russia would be intellectually questionable but looking at a number of strong men who have appeared over the last ten fifteen years in really different cultures but have traffics in many of the same tropes and have short up power using many of the same tools is really informative. I use Russia because that's what I spent in twenty five years studying and writing about. But, my -bility Russia is short out by observing so many other places where something similar has happened from India the world's largest democracy to Israel. The only democracy in the Middle East to Brazil to Venezuela to the Philippines to Hungary. Examples abound. And the similarities are really terrifying. We are unfortunately coming towards the end of the time we have I want to attempt optimism as we finish. If we look at the United States which later this year will decide whether or not to continue with the trump experiment the time I've been talking to people about Donald Trump. I. Hear to there are two basic strains of optimism that I detect one is from American conservatives. I mean proper old school Eisenhower Reagan type people who aren't keen on trump but think this is perhaps an overdue stress tests for our country's institutions. Those institutions will meet that challenge and we will survive this. The other optimism I hear is from American liberals who suggests that trump and the midterm elections where perhaps evidence of this that trump will. Destroy everything he attempts to protect and advance by prompting an enormous backlash of liberal activism and a revival of civic society having having demonstrated to them. What can happen if you take your off the ball? Do you think there's anything in either of those analyses? In I'm less familiar with what you across the conservative strand of it but the liberal one. Yeah absolutely. There is that analysis and of course, more recently, and this is the the the greatest ray of hope I have seen in years. You know just a activism around the country which is really fueled by. Not, only anger but you know real serve pent-up demand for reinvention and envisioning a different future. which is something that has been lacking in the Democratic Party, which is why trump's promise of the imaginary past. That has been so incredibly effective the big question for me. Well, there's two questions. Right? Is that energy of these protests and the actors is that sustainable until November? We still have nearly half a year to go and and I'm scared that. That may it may not be sustainment might also get a little bit both tired and overly optimistic. And the other is, does the Democratic Party have the wherewithal? To, use that energy to use that vision to propel US forward so far. It has shown very few signs of doing that right even its response to the midterm elections in two thousand eighteen. was basically to continue backing. Very. Conventional. Center would imagine are sort of candidates who can appeal both sides who in the end appeal to neither right instead of backing. Candidates who actually represent a younger, much more future oriented kind of voting population. So He can finally get its act together. On that score then I think we have a chance in November, and then there's also the question of whether he goes peacefully in November, of course. Masha. Gessen thank you very much for joining us. Thank you for.

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