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The most endlessly optimistic group of people. I'm talking preseason N._F._l.. Season every year or listening that's the only team no but you know there's a lot of them like that. Cowboys fans of the ultimate but I think I think to Ross Point. They're the most delusional fan base in part because what is being a Dallas Cowboy Fan. It's like everything else about Dallas where it's status right like the whole premise of Dallas is it's Diet L._A.. Where you had a bunch of people who you know they probably make like sixty or seventy thousand dollars year but they would have you believed they make millions of dollars? She's right so so cowboys phantom like pretty much everything else that goes on in in Dallas. It's it's not so much hope my team wins but I want to be part of the club bragging rights status brand. It's the cowboys brand. We're better than everybody else even if we don't win. That is the brand I love them. It's though that's awesome brand. I fucking hate the cowboys but if you can make your brand. It doesn't even matter if we win. We're still better than you. That is a good brand especially in sports because you get your fans locked in then in. There's something something about that like us against the world. Fuck everybody else mentality with the cowboys. It's so funny because it's like us against the world but you're the biggest fan base in the fucking game like y'all are not the underdog <hes> you've your owner is Jerry. Jones broke franchise battling up against the Patriots in the big boys with the big dollars like y'all are that franchise. You just can't win anything at least not since the nineties or whatever and I'll stop ragging on cowboys fans but that's so we're talking about that. I felt like we need to bring up the Oakland Raiders fans as far as I die hard fan bases that that you could get stabbed by Sir you if you're going to get stabbed yeah. They are pretty crazy. You had a sporting event. It'd be the easiest easiest at an Oakland raiders event. I feel like and stabbed what's wild about not just the raiders but also the forty niners is that if you think of the Word Association with San Francisco it's Toyota Prius is and Tofu and right like you think it's Hippie city and yet like some of the most brutal attacks fan on fan have happened in San Francisco Oakland or with the giants or it's which in the chargers fans notoriously awful to or prior previously. Here's here's a totally baseless theory. It's that so much of their day to day. Life in the real world is really about owning Kinda like the Hippie vibe of San Francisco they get into a sporting event. They get into the arena and it's just least common denominator. We let it all that's my totally baseless theory that I've just got up with the hate anger storing storing and suppressing in California and it comes comes out in the fucking stadium but seriously you gotta be careful in the parking lots of like Raiders Games Charges Games niner's game anywhere out there in California for one reason of course of course but like you would not expect Kelly. Those are the dangerous sporting events but they can be if you're wearing another teams jersey. They'll fuck you up those L._A.. Fans are coming around to Oh Vegas is going to get weird. You're GONNA WANNA avoid the West Coast in like twenty twenty five by then. It'll just be a fucking wasteland warzone but okay Gimme a super bowl pick boy. I think the the safe super bowl pick would either be. I'll say the Patriots because that's the saints I was literally about to say that I think the saints are GonNa make and if not the super bowl they're gonNA make another deep run again. I just wonder if the saints are so gassed from last year had their season..

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