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This has been clear and vivid. At least I hope so. Mike thanks to the sponsors of this episode all the income from the ADS. You here go to the Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University. Just by listening to this podcast. You're contributing to the better communication of science. So thank you Dr Jim. Green has had a distinguished career NASA from nineteen eighty five to nineteen ninety-two. He was the head of the National Space Science Data Center at Goddard Space Flight Center in two thousand six. He became the Director of the Planetary Science Division at NASA headquarters. He's written over a hundred scientific articles and he's even become a podcast or with a new podcast from called gravity. Assist to learn more about Dr Green to listen to and subscribe to his podcast. Go to NASA Dot Gov slash gravity dash assist. This episode was edited and produced by our executive producer. Graham Chedda with help from our executive producer Sarah Chase and our associate producer. Jean-pierre may are sound engineers. Dan Zuma our tech Guru is Alison Kostin and are published. Is Erica Hill? You can subscribe to our podcast for free at apple podcasts. Stitcher or wherever you listen for more details about clear and vivid. Sign up for my newsletter. Please visit Allen all DOT com. You can also find us on facebook and Instagram at clear and vivid and I'm on twitter at Alan alda. Thanks for listening. We started something new on clear and vivid called Patriots on and it allows you to directly support us in engage with us in a much closer way. If you visit patriotic dot com slash clear and vivid. Here's what you'll find for as little as two dollars a month listeners of clear and vivid can get exclusive behind the scenes access. You can find video extra content bonus episodes and all sorts of fun stuff including behind the scenes pictures. And for those of you who have seven questions of your own Mr Alan Alda. You might find some answers there too now. You don't have to subscribe for as little as two dollars a month to keep listening to this show. You can continue to listen to this show and supporters by hearing the ADS. But you can get all this extra material if you do decide to become a subscriber and most importantly your patronage directly funds are work at the Center for Communicating Science get Patriotic Try. That's Patria on dot com slash clear and vivid C. L. A. R. A. N. D. V. I. V. I. D. Next time when clear and vivid. I SPEAK WITH CARL. Zimmer who's a great science communicator Carl? Thanks so much for being on the show. You a wonderful thank you. What's the what's the most interesting thing? But this conversation made you think of and didn't get to say I'm still wondering what my microbiome is is making me do. I hope it makes you come back on the shows. Yeah well hopefully do Carl Zimmer. Next time when clear and vivid..

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