Former Malaysian leader arrested


Bbc news with sue montgomery there's continuing deadlock over judicial reforms in poland the president is insisting that the head of the supreme court margo santa gear star and davidge on this over sixty five must step down at midnight but the chief justice and she would return to work and wednesday calling the government's reforms a purge from warsaw here's adam eastern presidential aides of the sixty five year old chief justice pollen supreme court malgorzata gares dov will be retired and replaced a supreme court spokesman said mrs gears dove plans to defy the order go to work as normal on wednesday she says the move is unlawful because the polish constitution guarantees her term of office until twenty twenty since taking office pollens governing party has passed a series of laws to increase its control over the judiciary the former malaysian prime minister najib razak his spending first night in detention after being arrested over the disappearance of billions of donna is from government investment fund he will be officially charged in the morning and the malaysian news agency says he's expected to face more than ten counts of committing criminal breach of trust linked to a former subsidiary of the state investment fund one md he's denied any wrongdoing mexico's presidentelect under as manuel lopez comprador says he will invite pope francis to help restore peace in the country for more than two hundred thousand people have died in drug related violence over the past decade leonardo russia reports as the first left wing president in mexico's history mr lopez over a door has promised a very different style of government journey his campaign he said he wanted to find an associated solution to the violence caused by the powerful drug cartels he's now said he's planning to invite the pope as well as other religious leaders the united nations in human rights or facials to try to bring mexico together to achieve peace mr lopez over a door also said he'd take a fifty percent paycut when he's sworn in december and won't move into the presidential palace jianjun rio de janeiro has sentenced brazil's former richest man to thirty years in jail for corruption the giant said i had paid sixteen million dollars in bribes to former governor of real estate to secure contracts with companies mr pacheco says he'll appeal danube gala isn't sao paulo i cuba choose those wants the symbol of a bold booming brazil a selfmade billionaire his impair stretched from mining to oil in public works but on tuesday a judge in brazil sentenced him to thirty years in prison mr batches the has had one of the most spectacular fall from grace is in the corporate world just a decade ago here was amongst the richest people in the planet with a neck fortune of thirteen billion dollars he's currently under house arrest and is facing other charges of corruption bbcnews us media are reporting that the trump administration will rescind later today obama era guidelines which encouraged colleges to take race into account during the admissions process the policies were designed to boost racial diversity but the current administration argues that allow illegal race based discrimination critics say the move is a politically motivated attack on affirmative action the mayor of moscow.

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