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Of protect myself from brutality. I always kind of like downplay our chances. And i'm kind of like doom and gloom and so but joe that that may have been the problem to last year is joe began to autoimmune. I start feeling good about our chances and then came in at ten is oh what. Why wouldn't i be optimistic at that point. Even ten dollars like ugly wins. I don't know so yeah. i'm. I'm perpetually anxious that the bottom's gonna fall out from under us. I guess that's kind of where i come from. Unfortunately we need you to break down. Joe will yes joe. He's the he's the optimus he's he's the guy who's going to see the silver lining no matter how bad things look no matter how rough things are. Even when the steelers get embarrassed in the playoffs so still find the positives to take away from it so he he's always gotta pulling us off the edge of the abyss and so he's the yeah. I think if if it wasn't for him coming on whether the season fell apart last year. Have been chris. And i just yelling and screaming. And so yeah. He's bounced still screaming to be fair. A justified though the super chat up really quick. If i can click on a properly dirk sessions puts five dollars in the tip jars frost. Joe second chair podcast. Or is that a reference to something. Maybe i'll turn the next question over to joe here. Maybe you can give a compliment sandwich to your your other podcasters a couple of positive things about each guy and maybe one negatives slid in in maybe can start with a break now chris content i have i always comes in. He's a born journalist so he comes in always very well researched and very well Thought through the things that he's bringing to our podcast. He's he's the person that we rely on to To really set us up as what the structure of what we're gonna talk about is for in a lot of ways pollen. I just come on and talk. And chris sets it all up So it's always really helpful to have his organization in his research. That goes into what. What's gonna make good podcast for us this week. part of the sandwich where it's got the the negative part wolf say about kurt's which is kind of enjoyable for us if we could take a kind of pleasure in trying to guess where chris is going to go sometimes The hill get things just stuck in the back of his mind and they'll just really bother him and from week to week will still argue about how there shouldn't be to professional athletes that have the same name and that's just wrong and it gets really frustrated by its becomes a game of. How do we continue to respond to the things. That really bother. Chris and for all of paul's what he's saying is his negativity. It all comes from a very strong understanding of what what should be happening in these. It's a frustration when something that should be. Obviously happening isn't so his heart. Is you know deeply rooted in a in steelers fandom and he gets disappointed when it doesn't go as well as he knows that it can and i'm just here to to pull him back from the abyss but remember they can do they can. Yes that's true so you know we balance each other out pretty well all the way around trying to keep some good humor but also You know trying to bring some some good analysis to what has just happened. What did we just watch perfect. Now chris it's your turn to take the floor and breakdown. You're in whatever order. You want to take that for now. Complain about us there you go. I can't believe me. I mean real quick. I just questioned mike sullivan. I'm sure a great quarterback coach. I'm sure he's going to do great with the steelers. Why do we only pick a mike solvent when he's also the coach of our hockey team. I'm like i don't know these are the things that go around my mind so i appreciate tonight just as a more reason by like wildcard thoughts my mind manley but honestly Pawn joe are great people to work with. It's fun. it's nice to podcast with people that you have hung out with ally. You can talk about suffering with love talk about. We're steelers fans. It's great to talk about. the scene. Could frustrates the times last. Couple of games of season. But it's fun being part of them. I guess negative thing. And i got address this. Ah jeffrey we don't have the same merch deal set up as i see. Michael paul and joe have. I mean we haven't done a show yet. And you seem paul got hooked up emerged from somewhere and joe did and michael has more go to a store did buy some of your graham guys gotta get one of these one of the official behind the steel curtain dot com shirts. Yes go maybe we can get Jeff hartmann hook hook the squad up. But he's the senior editor. He's the one with all the money so we'll throw he's got the big bucks passed by anybody out. There wants to sponsor me. I can't be great. Beautiful stuff It it is the top of the hour now so I think we will sign out before we get there Jeffrey ernie film rooms to the people should know about. Yeah we just go. Field and i did a vertex online. Melvin ingram and what he brings to the steelers. And i've got a tj another tj watt sack party. One coming out It's cute it's there's been a lot of news so it's been it's been sitting sitting waiting for a spot to get published But that should be coming out here shortly. That's it for me awesome So chris paul and joe all your twitter handles are currently on screen right. That's right okay. So read those out for the people on the podcast side. If you wanna follow. Chris that a.

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