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Dick gregory came from the urban north as a professional comedian he was used to saying provocative things in front of crowds another powerful voice in the 1960s emerged from a very different place the fields of the deep south loop cure convicted granted community my name is visit plan a new name and ali over six two six east lafayette trail slippery final hamer was a leader in mississippi voting rights movement in nineteen 64 hammer went to the democratic national convention in atlantic city mississippi's delegates were all white she demanded to be seated as a delegate along with fellow members of the mississippi freedom democratic party television cameras rolled as hamer told democratic party officials how she and others were punished for trying to register blacks to vote added kunar and put in the book them room they left some of the people and the book the movement began replace often fails i will of with a young woman called must be best the from outside will place the messiah lab again zahir found of let and green i could hear the found and i i'm here somebody say can you can you said yes and i would say or the horrible wood said yes i can say yes but while pray she said i don't know her well among the thing that's really important to remember about finding lou hamer is it fanny who hamer with a sharecropper historian james horton she was poor she was under educated she was a woman and she was from mississippi and in mississippi during the time that she lived african americans had virtually no rights in it hey man came from us fail wannabes of state highway patrol the acne wow will thrown and i told me veil he said we are going to bailout mass fell in one who long before they came back he said you if like me all right in.

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