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At times there was that guy remember? Biden made the comment about Hey, was talking to Charlotte, Maine. And he said, if you ain't for me, you ain't black or whatever that stupid thing he said. So a guy asked him about that. Because how could you say that? And on black? I could just say that. What would you say that to me? It was a good question. Then Biden started tow ramble into this. You see that 10 minute answer. It wasn't even I don't know where he went with that one. It was just reciting boilerplate that he had remembered he goes. Listen, I fight for our nurses aren't getting paid with our frontline workers, nurses, health care workers, he went on and on about And it was the life of the questions is looking at him like they come back, come back to remember me went on and on about our police and our nurses and it budget people and his father, the kitchen table and So finally Hey, got done. It took like 10 minutes and even Stephanopoulos knew that Biden was in a fog and you know where he was, Stephanopoulos said to the guy that answer your question. I said, I I guess I didn't want it wouldn't want to ask him another one. So You know Also, sometimes I was watching the trump townhome. Let's switch over to bite and I'd see him and a woman in the audience that he was talking with. He was answering her questions. So they keep a shot of her as he answered the question, then go back to Trump Wash a couple answers. Then I switch back to the Biden Tunnel, and there was still on this woman in him. In other words, the answer was still going on 10 minutes later. Who would answer for 10 minutes. Part of the reason was with the Trump Town hall. Every time he talked by the third word she was interrupting. She interrupted him four million times every time he got halfway into a sentence she was already interrupting. When Biden spoke, there were never any interruptions. There was not a single interruption ever. And the problem was it let him each time answer for 10 15 minutes. It was pretty boring. We're waiting to see the numbers. We'll get him a little later. I would imagine it'll be a while before we get the breakdowns of how many people at the beginning How many people tuned out of Biden after? Well must be a lot of people. Even if they like buying can't sit through. This is to sleeping. People are just going to vote for him. They don't care. He could be comatose. They're still going to vote for him because they don't like Trump. Listen, there's some people just don't like trump, and they won't vote for Wilson. It's Ah, it's a Who's that yesterday said. It's like the new religion. People aren't religious anymore. Younger people, especially, they just don't have any religion in their life. So this became the new religion they get is riled up about this, and this passionate about this is people people used to fight about religion. Now they fight about this, and they get all riled up and snarling and So, but a bad bad night for Savannah Guthrie. This's going toe. People always now will look at her little differently here. That nasty that shrill that that vicious so again with Chris Wallace. It's no problem. You knew that about him. He was more so, But at least you knew that about him. That's the whole thing about shattering your reputation. As long as you don't conflict what you've been telling people you are. You're okay. She conflicted with the image. She's always been presenting No hunter Biden questions If you were the moderator wouldn't have asked 100 by in question. Obviously you have to. It's in the new Yes. Yeah, even nicely. Even if you're on this side, you tells me this was a big story today. Would you like to respond to it? And at least to do that. The story about 100. Biden is interesting. He had a laptop computer. That broke so he took it to be repaired to one of those like a mom and pop computer repair shops. First pose an apple. Why would you take it to Apple? Let them fix it, but he took it to this local place. And he never picked it up. He never came back. And the guy said that he looked drunk when he came in on DH. I guess he just got a new laptop and forgot about it never picked it up. Well, when you give something to be repaired, you sign a receipt for it. And if you don't read the fine print carefully somewhere in the fine print, it says, if you never come back if you never pick it up, if they keep calling you to come get you never, ever, ever come get it. After 90 days of that they legally own it. It's their computer. It's their hard drive. So he signed that. So the guy with the repair shop Owns that computer in that hard drive. So when Twitter and others try to claim it was hacked no, legally. It's in the possession of that guy now because he did. He did call 100 biting, and he never came and got it. So did you see? ABC News yesterday went found this computer guy and tried to make him look bad. Tried to make him look like some kind of criminal attractive. Oh, yeah. And then they tried to make him look stupid and deranged because he was the one telling this story, so the term it looks like he's some kind of crazy idiot. He's dumb. Stop and think for a minute. Okay, Repairs computers have done good. This obviously 100 byte nous a lot dumb because he couldn't fix it. He had to bring it to this guy to get it fixed. Could you fix your laptop? Could you open it up and fix it? No. But if I had stuff on that computer like we've gotten, I would make sure I would remember where I left it. Well, the other thing is you never, ever, ever take a computer like that and get it fixed. Specially if you're 100 Biden doing millions of.

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