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I pretty fresh to the whole claim Universe within the star wars university. Like but i'm actually been pleasantly surprised overrule by the climate lewis. Made the film. Like i said it often enjoy. It is now. I did lead me home. Actually left me on the run on the run from the clone wars the series themselves just improved. Not not just in terms of Stories a technically as well in the animation. He just gets better as it goes on. And on twenty patch drop this week the first long episodes. Yeah it was a great. And in a way. Because i'm sort of stealing. Lincoln was Most of the time. It's still fresh to me. It almost felt like well. I'm just watching an episode of the claymores. Could you still got tom. Canes announcement of the start and trump from wrong but we've aftermath. You actually have to climb was logo in the titles in the kind of cross faded into it burns out shripad batch. Yeah so yeah. I feel like it so to it. It's fading like a natural progression. And i'm really enjoying the You know seeing the sixty six implemented from another perspective of off the clones and off the bat batch himselves and going back to camino in literally the aftermath of of order. Sixty six and. I think we'll be seeing even more in. kuttan run. is that quick transition from republic to empire talking in aftermath Already wanting to shut down the clones and bringing now will will will not become as as stormtroopers butter. You see that transition even more in the second episodes in terms of the impact. It's having on. I guess every day civilians only strongest planet where we ended up going to the oppression de experiencing on narrow liberties with these key. Jane's coach year in terms of being identified. and yet. no i'm enjoying. I'm enjoying this. Transition seeing the transition from different perspectives. Off gun from republic to the empire. I think that's a good point is what that's what i got from. The episode is the chain code thing being the main thing. Because tech the geeky one even says a genius idea the empire could basically castlereagh every person in the everyone in the galaxy now despite getting their details on this train coz they can hold a massive database. Nope is now they. They're ultimately oppressive dictatorship which we know is How it becomes hurry. And they they talk about the inhibited chip which one that's in there. Brian undiscerning maker. Who says will yeah. This was in the back of their heads and basically older the cones can be they independent taken away. their free will be removed. I all just some phones that understood a bad batch of fondness out every single every so turn they realize that.

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