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Can you get time that he was an actor? For our times? It wasn't more fun Time I feel like when Adam West was Batman now has gotten dark. I feel like a lot of the more fun franchise type entertainment TV serials off movies have gotten dark. I'll put in a plug for one that is not dark it all okay? So on Apple TV, it's called Ted last. So that's a good show. What a great show and uplifting about and I haven't seen a get. It is the first episode. I have trouble with. But then after that I got into it. Yeah, There's a recommendation I can't make on the air right there, folks. What is it A name again? Ted. Last head last Hell Also, all right, we'll be checking out. Thank you for watching a little TV tip. In the meantime, I do need to ask you about money stuff, though, because there was this article in Barron's magazine talking about mistakes that people often make. I'm sure that we all had regrettable TV choices and hours later that we could never get back in time, But when it comes To our retirement savings. We don't want to be faced with that. Barron's magazine, saying Top three mistakes people make saving for retirement, They are trying to chase the hot new trends. Paying too much in fees and as Carl it in English, explains hoarding too much in cash. But I think people who hoard cash it's almost the other side of the coin of market times. A lot of times. People do that. When they feel scared. They kind of fell out the bottom. They think they'll know that right moment to get back in and be in the market. And of course, they missed that. So I never thought of being a cash order as a market timer, But I guess she has a point here. Are there better ways that we can put our cash to work? Well, certainly part of the definition of market timing is going to cash or having a greater percentage of your holdings in cash. Okay, Huge problem. And I make this joke. I could make you a small fortune by trying to time the market. You just have to give me a large fortune to start off with if we're trying to time the market so Part of the challenge with having a bunch of cash on the sidelines is if you're that good where you can call the bottoms. Yeah, and call the tops. Boy. Come work with.

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