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It's their last chance side-by-side on Lisa Brady Fox News, president, trump, and democratic nominee Joe Biden go head to head for the second and final debate tonight Biden telling reporters before heading to Nashville hopefully. Hopefully, everybody's been tested hopefully, it's all worked out the square. The rules are looking forward to this aim mute button will be used this time to give the candidates and uninterrupted two-minute minute answer at the start of each segment the president has said he plans to press biden on controversial new reports suggesting a possible link to his sons a business dealings while he was Vice President Biden campaign is calling this. Entire. Storylines rounding Hunter Biden a right wing fringe conspiracy theory and they believe they argue that if trump brings it up tonight, it's just to distract from his corona virus response by himself. Last talked about this a few days ago in an interview with a local affiliate Wisconsin where he called the stories about hunter garbage and a smear Fox's Peter doocy in Nashville the White House says the president tested negative. For, cove on Air Force One today first lady Melania trump traveling with him her first public appearance since they both recovered from Corona virus the postal service says it's already delivered more than one hundred million ballots to or from voters but court fights continue over how long some states have to count them including North Carolina Republican. State officials North Carolina have so far been unable to convince Federal District and appeals. Courts to stop the State's Democratic Majority Elections Board from moving a deadline to accept late mailed ballots. 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As Special Board set up by FACEBOOK is now accepting cases facebook says if you're upset that you're contents been removed from their site or from Instagram, you can now appeal the decision to a special oversight board its creation stemming from CEO Mark Zuckerberg statement in two thousand eighteen that they should not be making so many important decisions about free expression and safety on their own. The board includes a lot of international professors and think tank type folks they do not have to take. All cases, but the ones they do take up will be from users who have exhausted their appeals with facebook. Already facebook says, they can also refer cases to the board, and eventually the goal is to also let users appeal why another person's content was not removed Jessica Rosenthal Fox News. CEO's a facebook and twitter. Now face subpoenas from the Senate judiciary. Committee, if they don't testify voluntarily about restrictions on the controversial hundred Biden story the committee's Republicans voting to authorize subpoenas earlier today. That decision came during a Democrat boycott of a separate vote to send Supreme Court. Nominee Amy Conan Barrett to the full Senate. I think she believes and judicial restraint and making your very best effort as a judge to try to read the law and apply to the fact Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell plans a confirmation vote on Monday Democrats call the process rushed an illegitimate for the first time in its nearly one hundred year History Time magazine replaces cover logo reps replacing time. With the word vote showing an illustration of a woman wearing a face covering with a ballot box on it the artwork created by graphic artists, shepard fairy time previewing the issue which aims to encourage readers to cast their ballots in the final days of the presidential election auctions Christian Goodwin. It includes a guide on how to vote safely. Stocks finished higher after starting in the red, the Dow up one hundred, fifty, two points at the close and Lisa Brady, and this is Fox News. Stamps, DOT com the post office and UPS shipping rights here computer go to stamps dot com to start a four week trial plus free postage and a digital scale with Promo Code Fox that stamps dot com click on the microphone at the top of the page and type in Fox. The Medicare annual election period deadline is coming soon I'm meredith era. Of people found the key to the right coverage at my healthpolicy, dot com meet lowry he likes doing things online. I took my time and found the best Medicare advantage plan from me and my health policy dot com next is married. When she wanted answers, she picked up the phone I wanted a local perspective on plan. So I called my health dot Com and finally Michael I prefer face to face so I chose my HEALTHPOLICY DOT COM and enrolled on the spot. 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