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In london i may ritchie hitch with this bloomberg radio business flash just over ten minutes away from the european equity market open and it looks like it could be risk back on a europe after we saw some modest declines on the asia pacific index with the hang sang leading the losses after that market came back from holiday playing catch up to some extent your stocks fifty futures higher by four tenths of a percent dax futures higher by seven tenths of a percent cat forty futures pointing higher by four tenths of a percent and footsie100 futures higher by three tenths of a percent or meanwhile us futures look in the s and p five hundred futures up one tenth of a percent in terms of the fx markets although we did see some risk off in the asian session it has really been expressed that much through dalian in fact the dollar is now higher by one tenth of a percent against the yen one eleven spot zero threes where we trade we've got onto that one eleven handle in this session the euro is fairly steady in this session we saw some losses yesterday but it's trading unchanged at one sixteen forty one in cable also not really moving a lotta though it is a big week for brexit one thirty one forty three as where we trade in the fixed income space the ten year treasury yield steady at two point eight seven percent germany's tenured boondi healed up one and a half basis points thirty two basis points in the gilt market opened up in just over ten minutes time looking at the oil markets we've seen wti jump as much as one point two percent in the session we're up one percent now seventy four spot sixty nine dollars a barrel we trade at seventy seven for eighty five on brent that is up some seven tenths of a percent this basically after we've seen data showing that opec output with steady in june despite a jump by the saudis that's your bloomberg business flash sandra kilhof with more on what's going on around the world good morning nara twelve boys and left football coach trapped in a tie cave will need to learn to dive all wait months for flooding to recede before they can get out the group had been missing for nine days before they were found by divers late yesterday rescuers battling rising water to bring more supplies to the group the tire authorities saying they may need food for at least the next four months the most senior roman catholic cleric to be convicted of covering up child sex abuse has been sentenced to twelve months detention australian archbishop philip wilson was found guilty of failing to tell police about the repeated abusive to alter boys by a priest in the nineteen seventies and disgraced movie producer harvey weinstein has been indicted on new sexual assault claims acquainted manhattan's district attorney facing charges of sexually assaulting three women weinstein could be convicted of minimum ten years in prison the maximum sentence of life imprisonment is attorney benjamin brachman said weinstein will plead not guilty global news twenty four hours a day on air net take talk on twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and anisimov the one hundred twenty countries i'm sandra kilhof this is bloomberg markus thanks very much sandra now german chancellor angela merkel halted the media threats of a government break up in europe's biggest economy last night she crafted a plan to tighten migration and keep her bavarian sister party this issue in the coalition fold soccer and sabc ceo attorneys investment manager it's still with us in the studio soccer great to have you hey once again in a good morning to you twelve extent does this deal in germany and angela merkel staying in power for sure at least for now remove uncertainty i think it moves it to logic send people underestimate translator markle let us do a contrast between prime minister may translate both have problems within the coalition parties both are studying on faultlines trump solar merckel has has throughout her career showed pragmatism as what is an ability to cross deals and germany needs that the stage and actually europe needs leadership at this stage why does european because actually brexit in.

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