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Your Weather Channel forecast in two minutes. Wake county. Authorities have made an arrest in connection to the nearly two dozen horses that were found dead in a pen last week on Fannie Brown road, Janet Burleson faces multiple felony charges. Authorities say the animals starved to death after they were deprived of food and water. A Raleigh man is accused of a violent rape police say last month Forty-one-year-old, Kurowski Reese, beat strangled raped and robbed a woman in an apparent random attack. He's been charged at least nine times for various crimes over the years. If convicted for this crime, he could spend the rest of his life in prison Reese was in court Wednesday jailed on more than one million dollars bond. A Durham murder suspect is now behind bars. Police have been looking for Joshua McClain in connection with the death of a man whose body was found in a burning car last year yesterday. And they announced he'd been caught in. Kerry McLean is one of four men facing charges in connection with that homicide. The search this morning for a missing craven county child is intensifying, deputies say Tuesday three year old Casey Hathaway, went missing and ernie'll. That's north of newborn. His grandmother was watching three children two of them came back inside the house leaving the three year old outside on his own. Multiple law enforcement agencies are trying to find him the Carolina Hurricanes scored a five to to win over the conducts up in Vancouver last night, Carolina's six and four in their last ten games. The canes are off though for the all star break, they'll return to the ice February first when they host the Golden Knights college basketball on tap for tonight. The Wolfpack hits the road they will take on Louisville the demon deacons and blue devils. They're both off until Saturday the tar heels their office. Well, they're on a break until next Tuesday. Stay connected by following us on social media. Visit one zero six one FM talk dot com to connect. Now. Your weather. Channel forecast. Rainy, windy, conditions force here this morning temperatures in the mid sixties clearing skies with temperatures falling through the fifties this afternoon twenty nine tonight, sunny and forty forty-seven Friday, I'm meteorologist Ken Boone from the Weather Channel on one zero six one FM talk..

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