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Happened at the fight, which I'd love to see a female Lopez does. He doesn't interview on the zone. First he gets into a shouting match with Devin Haney, they're screaming at each other. And look, I like both guys equally. I'm not like a super fan of either one, but I don't dislike either one of them, but I mean, it's hard to argue with TF female has all the belts. He beat vasili lomachenko who a lot of people had is the best fighter in any weight and Devin Haney as Pete Jorge and iris and he almost got knocked out late in that fight. So when they're yelling at each other, but you haven't done this. You haven't done that. I say, in my book, tier females done a little bit more. That's not to say he's going to win. I like Devin Haney too, but they're shouting at each other and then they do an interview on the zone. Bob Aaron must be having a nervous breakdown. There's to your female doing an interview with haney on the zone with Sergio Sergio Maura and Chris mandel. I got into a place second. Well, I can't. Oh my God, I can't help it. You're supposed to love me and you put me in this position. Bob arum is gonna have nervous breakdown. I can just guy who curses out women. This is a guy again. We pride ourselves in putting it out there to tell the truth. And a lot of people hide it because they have to do business. They got to be, you know, sitting in the middle of the fence or not even the mother fans sitting in a lap of somebody. But this is a guy who curses out women that report us. This is a guy who curses out a reporter who is paid by ESPN. Can you believe it? And I can believe it. Yeah, because he that's exactly my point. And he gets away with it. He gets away with it. And nobody, nobody, nobody does anything. I'm upset at the smallest slight, so imagine one of his marquee guys first he does a deal with triller. Now he's fighting on the zone he's under contract with top rank and he's doing interviews on the zone and he's telling them hey and he's like, we'll do it live on the zone and TFM was literally reading an ad for the zone. He's like something like, yeah, live on the zone. I'm like, oh my God, this is there were so many subplots in this screaming and make it up. But at the end of the day, top rank in the zone getting together to make this fight, I think we have a better chance of hitting the lottery, but I'd love to see these two guys get at each other. Yeah, they seem to have genuine just bad blood. First of all, I won't get deep into if they did fight, but Lopez is the more physical guy the stronger guy the better punch, obviously. And just more physicality to him if that fair to say, but he's a terrific boxer, haney, but he'd have to fight. He'd have to be like the pitcher coming in against a good header. A real good hitter. And he'd have to really take the bat out of his head. He'd have to pitch like a no hitter or one hitter. Maybe you'll want to hit him might not even be good enough because home run in boxing is like a Grand Slam with the base loaded. So it could be over. Listen, I understand it's boxing. And I wanted to make a few points here because I thought it was important, even though it was a some people say it's silliness, whatever. But I understand this boxing. And this is what sometimes is done. They get, I guess that, you know, it'll get a fight done or for one of the fighters, right? And also it seems to happen more when fathers are involved. It seems to be an ingredient that ingredient to it that can make it a little bit more. I don't know if it's combustible as the right word or just that it's more navigated because of the fathers and it is more put on because of the father's being involved. But whatever. I just, I don't think it's a good look. I don't think it's a great look. And there's a reason why these fighters who risk more than any other athletes, of course, except for UFC fighters, but their fight is, so I don't separate them. There's a reason why they don't get the big endorsement deals like other sports athletes. And I know you've been really good on this show where we get a UFC guy will get a and you'll say, can I help you? Let me see if I can help this guy a little bit in a world that I'm a little bit familiar with. And I am familiar with where I have some connections with some people that could maybe help them with endorsements. And you do it for the same reason that I think of these guys as they earn it. They deserve it. They risk themselves so seriously. And, you know, but fighters, they don't get the advertisers the Madison Avenue. Because they get scared away. By the image of boxing. You hear it all the time. All the time because I've advocated for this for virus. Like others have. And I advocate for a pension and a lot of other things to find national commission. But the advertisers they always say the same thing. You hear it all the time. And it bothers me. Because they say, oh, you know, we were not interested because the image of oxen. And it bonds me because I'd like to see, as I just said, more boxes get those deals and there's so many who could and who deserved them. But again, this kind of stuff, you know, it doesn't help. And I like both of these young fighters. They're smart, they're good. They're not connected to outside problems. You know, like you've seen with economist Gregor and the UFC, we'll have to touch on that a little later. Obviously, that he put himself in the news again. We'll touch on that quick. But, you know, and McGregor's been a great athlete, a great stop, but obviously he's not helping himself in that world outside with the way he's what he's doing..

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