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Now all in all. That's eight hundred nine. Nine thousand nine hundred nine hundred twenty nine grams. I've just outlined though. Engine twenty nine grams so dual that. I'm getting that that target. About sometimes i might not have the amino acids or the bar. I flex it a little bit. But i'm getting at least one hundred grams of protein and a day and that is quite a big jump from what i was getting an. I put that down primarily to the bank for barak which the protein powder so if you took one thing from this podcast. I suggest it's that. Consider an a protein powder into your day. It also means you may be getting more vegetables fruits into your diet as well because you can blend it all up in a smoothie so a neutral polar is typically pretty cheap to get hold off. I bang in some frozen spinach and frozen blueberries. Either a kiwi or apple or pear depending on what we've got some walnuts protein powder bosh into the nutribullet and then i think that over the course of the morning and that is probably been the biggest game changing. Because you don't have to cook up a bit of fish the bars of always got a few nasties in them. The amino acid bashing tablets all the time. so so. that's what i've been doing. And i've noticed a difference in my musculature. That's the key thing to leave you with this. Well i have noticed a difference and it's affected appetites. Well it's would use my need snacking. And i the orbit of biscuit intake. There's been helpful. Feel free to share with anyone. You think would benefit from listening to this. Look out for the episode next week. I'll talk she then and as always stay healthy he'd like to find out more about what we do for. Companies headed to our website. Bodyshop formats dot com. You'll also have the opportunity while you're let's take a health quiz. If you'd like to find out more how you sleep your mental health your energy your body composition. Digestive health and fitness for the rigors of life take short health iq toys and had a highly personalized report at the end. That's over there. The website bodyshop performance dot com..

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