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And as much as much as you probably wanted to child i mean. I'm sure at a certain point. She's like i don't know if i wanna cat anymore. Like that sounds pretty. Let's tiring Wealth and break quickly. Dangerous right and certainly is the fact that she kept going along. I think she had an enormous faith and trust for sure. Yeah i wish i agree. She's pretty she's a pretty fascinating character. And so i do love that she mentioned. I mean we'll talk again when we do but the fact that she she's the one that makes it happen Mike she's she's on. Has isaac the fact that she's the one. That's makes the covenant. Actually that reality. She was the assertive one. Who's like look. We aren't getting any younger. Here's hagar let's try this. Yeah right Even though that was not a great part of the story yeah it's a it's an example of her kind of take charge attitude trying to get this fulfill so do you find more challenging between the two of them probably well in that so i have to share so i've shared that we My husband i had trouble have indicated and after till you had kind of a crisis of faith when we were pursuing treatment. tabah child. 'cause i shall bring this is pre sandy. I really had a crisis of faith. Because i'm like am. I not trusting god enough like i really had like. Am i jumping the gun door. I just need to way am. I taking control things. Lacquer sort. yeah yeah yeah. So you're saying like the pursuit of fertility therapies. Yeah which. I think. I like logically like. I think that's totally fine like god. God's gift is great minds of science and all that like. I am full support of that but i did. I did have that struggle of like man. I feel like i'm trying to do things that i need. Just wait on. And so yeah. It's a kind of With sarah taking okay. You need to do this. That's kind of how have felt like okay. Now i can take this thing and do all these tests. And i'll make it happen so yeah Out of answer your question so okay. This opens up a whole line of discussion. Then because fertility is a big thing in the bible and and Rack of children was understood in many circumstances to be lack of favor with god. We've outgrown all that. I think have we. Yes and no. I don't know. I mean we have things that we now have tested a. Oh that's why you can't have a kid like you know there's doctors diagnosed but then there are some i was a case of. We don't know why everything checks out fine So yeah you have the again thing like did i do something. That was a a more passing. Thought for me personally but You you kind of think like Am i broken is or something wrong with me. Gosh what motherhood complicated anyway. It is mom guilt. Abril thing Premium apparently thing too. Yeah so so. What advice them would you have for anybody. Who's facing fertility challenges. I said this in another podcast. You know there is..

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