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Everybody thought that way even back then just as you have these notions of human hierarchy in the premodern world in the ancient world so too did you have individuals like aristotle's chief full in athens are he's talking about a philosopher named alqadam us who challenge those notions aristotle said nature intended for some people to be enslaved by others alka damase wrote that god has left all manned free nature has made no man a slave likewise candy says some centuries later just like you had some are christians are using christianity to to justify certain peoples as inferior so too did you have saint augustine and other early christian fathers who who charage those notions in and expressed our human equality who who who boom throughout history he says there have always been thinkers who understood that humans are one and there have always been people with the capacity to admire cultures and societies different from their own candy points to a man named given batistuta the moroccanborn thirteen 04 via toto was basically is considered to be the 14th century's greatest world traveler and so he travel all the way over to asia up in through eastern europe into middle east he also travelled into subsaharan africa and he of course wrote about his travels and described our subsaharan africa specifically the molly are empire and so he he visited mali in in spoke quite glowingly about molly and how for instance that you know he traveled many places but in mali you know he felt safer than anywhere else he also uh spoke about sort of these civilization of the people in other things of that sort and when he went back to to morocco in broke that some with our armchair intellectuals thought he he must be line but tutis claims about the glories of mali were shouted down as lies for a very practical reason his islamic moroccan society was busy enslaving people from subsaharan africa as well as slobs from eastern europe and so to classify these people as knock inferior would have been wrong of course difficult for sleigh traders just as if people did in kharkov five slavs as inferior would have been bad for business as well about a century after given baotou to road admiringly about west african kingdom's a portuguese man wrote a book and here we get to eib rim candies culprit his name was gomez days serara as candy recounts.

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