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Yankees are poised to potentially make a deep run next year? They made a run this year. But they're saying that the Yankees might be the favorites to come. Some people are come out of the American early next year. Who lists the astros stealing right exactly? Unless there's a new signs however I remember I remember the Yankees winning and it was a big deal. But then you'd go to the East village to like fifth in a and B over to. What was the name of the bar that we as pace the ace bar? v Thirteen amp. which now is probably gorgeous with like beautiful doorman? It's very different from what was then for sure that I remember going over there and it being like just a regular alert Thursday night like no one even knew that the Yankees were playing right is so big that there are huge pockets. That don't give a shit. Yeah yeah time. Square is buzzing and going going nuts and it's crazy but then down there it's like now we're having a bluegrass. Jam Dollar Drafts. It does he play hockey defenseman. or where do you know. I'm a forward. I end up playing center mostly now can you check in your leaguer checking notes an old Guy Leo Guy League like like everyone like please be careful. Yeah well it's like don't don't nobody wants to get hurt. He's got mouths to feed. It's like we want to be able to keep doing this right. You break a hip. You can't drive you're right so you're an so this is like this is how you sweat so for me. It's pickup basketball but for you. It's like it's like pickup of high sickly weekly. Isn't it fun though. Though that 'cause I'm sure those dudes and there are dudes there who you never see in any other aspect of your life except there and you have that camaraderie of you take and it's great isn't that the best is that it's such a great thing like I. I just started playing again like maybe three years ago. A buddy minded grew up with was like hey man I don't. I don't know if you know but I'm playing hockey right like half a mile from your house Tuesday night and yet skates. I didn't know I didn't have anything the new equipment but I was like when you get new equipment that it feels good dude. I had it on at my house was walking around great man. I'm taking off site. So I spent a great thing and a big part of it is the Camaraderie Camaraderie. The other guys like we hang around. We have a couple of beers after like just a great group of Guys Ninety Day Game Day night Tuesday night hockey. We used to play roller hockey rocky in New York Shell. It's hard man. Roller hockey is tough. Tell me if you're used to is hockey's I know 'cause the ice hockey there is that chance of like I can go really fast and then I can stop Komo on skis all hockey. Stop this thing before actually fly into the boards whereas you you gotta eat guys can do the hockey stop on rollerblades. Oh my God I think going to ruin your wheels yeah. That's a weird animal to me. Apparently roller hockey is faster than ice hockey. This is it. That's what they say. Oh it was. I loved it was right on Chelsea piers outside outside. Is it'd be like you're on that pier where they have the you know the rink out. There can't remember when Chelsea Piers was built in the gym in there and the other their stuff. It was like it's still improving. They have this crazy Hockey Training Facility in their Lau which was trying to get into when we were filming. I was like I I want to just go into like two sessions with these guys. Do they have an ice treadmill. What Yeah Fins and you can just skate in place and analyze here here? You're skating style. which is what I wanted to do? But the FLEX cited make it. It was like UN Week and traffic was so bad. That I just bailed you and I can't yeah get their mile and a quarter from me. And I just can't get to. You never going to happen. You walked on your skates regardless scan cards on all your equipment huge bag. I love to do that any other. Things he player. Do just to play golf. Do you really pretty. I've I've into golf. Hello I'm okay. I probably like a ten. That's just wealth. Well it depends on your plan with so you you shoot in the mid to low eighties. The that's amazing. Usually eighty five th awesome. Were you know would he play. New York I play guitar. Is I live in Morris County New Jersey and there's good public courses like really nice ones at like five of them so I just play those pair up with some ranchos and just go. That's the one part that's like if you show up and you dudes they're like hey hey. Are you the guy from cash cap. I don't know why they're southern New Jersey Jersey the Gulf abuse some Trivia while we're paying quiz me right around in the car and you can ask us how about. We just played golf. I'll do it when then there becomes a when there's a back seat in the golf cart there isn't it so it'll never happen you. Why do you play that stuff? Well it's should we take a break. GEICO stand now. We're talking about the tour you got coming up And thickets yeah with some crickets. I'm playing this song right now. You Ain't going nowhere. It's by the birds Someone and my friend told me that the the birds I mean. Obviously you know we all know. The birds made like superheroes certain tournament. I watched the Linda Ronstadt documentary on on CNN and I watched Laurent community man and they did a whole thing about how Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris were good friends and they were good friends after Emmylou Harris had been head like worked with Gram Parsons who was in the birds and Parsons like died of a heroin. Overdose Dawson and whatnot by like she was just distraught. emmylou Harris was this gorgeous beautiful voice dark-haired woman and of course now we're hairs white. She still beautiful and Linderoth Stat was like Oh my God. She's doing what I do better than me. But I just couldn't get hater. I could just be friends with her. And as soon as parts of the diocese. You Ain't going. Oh no where. We'll put that in after the fact Ben Bailey with us. We're GONNA talk about He's got a kick ASS tour coming up in Chicago on. See it right after this break this fever and the cheap.

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