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A sudden you just appear on the mouth and it's i liked that batman will wow that's wild oh let's go someone said urgency for starting actually probably read this right in front of me but i haven't been doing that okay this is from brandon kelly for the pot since her mind has really been holding his own not really less stark on a sucked for that we're calling the best pitcher in baseball yeah i'd take more you a lot of people what is the urgency for starting pitcher does this change we go for and what happens to remind if we get a mad bomber hamels i think her mom would just go to the bullpen and he showed you on wednesday he's perfectly capable of being a bullpen we set for a while that we thought his best youth longterm is like a middle reliever see i think he would just move to i mean her mom's like like yeah he's been pretty good but he hasn't been i don't think we're i don't think mad mom's gonna be available giants i think it's going to be jay happel to you jay's would give him within diversity i don't think they care division race and it's not like he's like a young and it's an archaic also like it's not like he's like he's like a young guy shapes you for years to come jay happen like yeah have to really care if he's when the world series i'm sure they'd rather package i still think we'll get hamels i think it's just like the urgency to pick up the phone for us in texas to talk but i mean if you compare like happe hamels they're not i mean i prefer hamels just like the post playoff right but they're not crazy pitchers let's see here okay this is good this last one before to jared if you had to call up just one guy for the rest of the year jury frazier sheffield who are you taking him why not sheffield because i think the pitching is fine i'll go frazier just like frazier the most we can only call up one one of them and the other few have to stay down yeah i'm going frazier i i know the guy just like frazier brings such a spark to the team you'll find out bats forum sheffield there's i know you said the lefty reliever thing and it could be a starter in the playoffs who knows he's been very good lately the myers i'm going i'm still going to he what's aj cole was start started the game for one inning and then he came in sheffield raised it cold up destroyed i think and then sheffield went six innings one hit like doesn't it he'll think he's here sooner than later the fact that you say now the lefty reliever i think sheffield's the answer it's not very very but i don't think it's him three sheffield honestly i'll change my answer just because right and sheffield isn't starting reliever but he's impacts the team more hopi like he'll be lefty reliever maybe he just goes into the rotation when he come there i don't think i to know you never know what if what if tanaka gets a setback in her mind struggles off so yeah what if what if what if what if they don't trade for pitcher but most likely i think he's the bullpen guy that's fair i want to jared and we're going to bring him in a little red sox preview we bring in our boston red sox scribbler scrambler national baseball journalists please stay for the record what i actually do here barstool sports i cover the entire leak checkout starting nine we'll recover all thirty major league baseball teams and section twelve section ten where we talk about the team with the best record in major league baseball that's the boston red sox thanks for not true sure entrance sure is true you guys are not the best in baseball we have the same winning percentage and you actually have one half gamely it's have a half game division most wins in baseball half game lead on the best record in baseball too good to be here thanks for having me yes this is this is going to go great jerry's debut on the short porch longwaited he's duck us multiple times i've never ducked to you tommy back me up here i've literally walked in the.

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