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And there's no reason for the homeless out there on the field. I thought last night we didn't see the quarterbacks. I'm both sides get pulled soon enough. So you gotta look at the bigger picture. And I just don't know. I think you're gonna run Mahomes out there. No matter what. And keep your fingers crossed it. Somehow, Arizona points up on the. I was looking at defensive scores for Kansas City the other day, and they have played much better. We know Arrowhead. I mean think back to you know, I remember that one Monday night game or Krishna Koya ran over the bills. You know, a few decades ago and Arrowhead still a tough place to play and four comes up at and you can create some turnovers, and if that happens you don't want that if you have any pieces of the offense you'll want to see that pick six by the defense. And if that happens, which you could with a young rookie quarterback and a team that really hasn't moved about much, then we may not see a lot of fantasy production out of my home. But I just there's no way. Even if I'm taking a look at, you know, the homes and even against Aaron Rodgers if you had somehow I think I still just go out and walk in the homes, and and just keep them in their each and every week, no matter what the match is. All right. We've got all the games we want to talk about here and about four or five minutes. I just ask you if you have a couple of maybe personal favorites for this weekend. Maybe you like more than the consensus or vice versa. Sure. So you're talking about anybody in general. Yeah. Little bit worried about kerryon Johnson. Oh, come Detroit and Chicago. Yes. In chicago. And that's what it's all about the bears defense not rushing touchdown to running back. We all know who has the one rushing touchdown against the bears. So I'm a little worried about Johnson. Nice to see Riddick. Be more involved last week and line up in the slot. Catch a lot of passes. So he would be somebody. I'll take a look at Marquez valves scamming guy. I love really a guy that I'm kicking myself for not recognizing and targeting sue her guy. Six foot four in runs a four three seven forty that type of skill set is extremely extremely rare. So I think that if you've got CD on Howard shattering shadowing. Devante atoms. Have soccer coverage there for VS? And I think that he's gonna be in for a big week. He's got a touch. He's gotta catch of at least forty yards three straight games. Doubled. Your parents some point five PR formats, so I would even say he's in the top twenty at the position this week. I think that he's in for a big game. And that's what I'm trying to figure out about this last night. Washington had such a good matchup against that. Tampa Bay defence. We haven't been able to stop anybody who lost Quiring out Zander. Arguably there. Best player on these. I'm trying to figure out which guy I like on Washington. I keep going back to read. But if you take a look at for kmox production just hasn't been there. And the surprising thing is easy. He's got like rob gronkowski. If you've got him on your roster you've been using him because number one he's healthy, which is shocking number two. You know, there's not a lot better options out there. But he hasn't hit w your fantasy points at least since week one. So I think that this might be week where he's Harris to I don't think a lot of people are talking about him had double digit targets for the Redskins last week. And so this is a good spot for Alex Smith, and it's a good spot for those guys doing probably as big red flag is they lost both. They're starting guards are out for the season. So they brought in a whole bunch of guys. And it's going to be kind of a makeshift one. And it's not just on that line. It's a lot of times. It's knowing what the guy to your left and right is doing. I mean, really haven't had a lot of the times, obviously gel. But I think that that's going to be a good match might be some sneaky fantasy value there for the Redskins and on the other side of the ball. If you've got writing for Patrick, I think pretty much. He's a weekly started at this point, you know, straight now he's ever seen some crazy number is thrown average throw downfield with something like fifteen yards. And that's by fire since they started tracking that that statistic. Dry far. The highest number on we've seen Burma quarterback. I like this point about re-dispatch. Really? Yeah. He's he's had not had more than ten and a half points since week one. And it's ironic to think that he would have this kind of year and not be injured. He's had like a nagging injury as his reputation for getting hurt. But it really hasn't been that. It definitely hasn't been the problem. He hasn't missed a game. And George kettle is somebody like that to who you know has been hurt plenty of times. It's a lot of guys I for was to and I did get hurt. But that position has been a real battle for fantasy players this year. Kittle kill has stayed on the field. Like read has and KENDALL is also really produced. Yeah. That was kind of the two buzzy guys four tight on when you got past those early rounds. And and, you know, the the big names are out the Borge, we're killing Trey Burton Burton defend pretty productive himself as well. They run those little shovel pass plays near the goal line to them. And you know, that was a great play by that. I mean, still prone passes every once in a blue moon, he really fits I think with Maggie in Chicago offense. Very well. So those are a couple of guys right there who probably top five top seven mission that position that will move up. But guys like Jordan Reed are gonna move down. Because now even with Alex Smith who is captain shutdown likes to go to those shorts safe routes. You always didn't Kansas City if you can't produce and you have all those red flags than Jordan is gonna go way down on draft for next season. Kevin great to talk to you. Good luck in our league this weekend. Okay. Take care. All right. Kevin Payne of rota wire. Of course, if Kevin gets on a roll could be bad for Joe. Joe and Kevin each battling for playoff positions in the league of shops and dreams, I am really not I would eat America. And haven't even really thinking about it too. Young. Rebuilding. Can you be rebuilding as an expansion team? Yes. I think that's what you are rebuilding as an expansion team. But what about the re building your building? Yes. I am building. I don't think we talked about desk Bryant with Kevin. And I could have brought him up irrespective of this injury today. And then there was this injury today, and it would have been good dimension. I just remembered it, but the reporting the Dez Bryant in practice with New Orleans. You just signed with New Orleans might have torn his achilles tendon on the last play of practice. So that could be the extent of his career if you will with New Orleans, tough one. The sabres beat the Canadians. Eight overtime sixty five and our eight six thousand two with Vancouver tomorrow. Paul Hamilton joins me next to talk about that much opened the bulldog. This is WJR. Robert here. Robert, somebody burned down, my she shed, no one bird down, your she should shero all really victims. Because my she sheds burning up in the backyard. Does she share what struck by lightning, Cheryl, Robert the state farm cover? My she shed she shed, she turned are shed, a tear hideaway, Robert that's covered here that Victor. I'm getting a new she she or she shed. Can we stop says she should now?.

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