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From Washington SORTA call it Arlington Chuck. Todd this is Chuck Todd Calf. As of the time recorded this podcast. Nearly thirteen thousand Americans have died of ours in this country and our cultures evolved to try to fight the virus the political narratives of evolved as well. The question is is the president involved with it to people. Keep a close eye on all the moves inside the West one. They'll record White House. Bureau chief for The Washington Post in Shannon Petty Senior White House reporter for NBC News Digital and later ready to take a look into the crystal ball to answer. What is the new normal for the world after cove nineteen global political scientists and president of Eurasia Group in? Bremmer will discuss how this will affect everything from authoritarian regimes to America's role in the world. But I the White House response to the Corona Virus Shannon and Phil back to the podcast and I and I think I'm GonNa ask you the question that I get asked every day. Some former another and you may know what it is is. I'm sure you both get asked the same question. Which is what is it with the president at these briefings. And why do people in the media keep covering it since the u? People is weight people shed and I'll start with you. You know these briefings are vague Make your case as to why the Americans should. I think there is a lot of information in these at doesn't necessarily come from the president. Actually I would say the information. He's often does it. Come from the president but I think Dr Burks and Dr Doughty have given Yo severely tremendous insights into what the scientific community is thinking about where this infection going. How BEST TO PROTECT OURSELVES And you know a essentially what cautions everyday Americans should be taken and given some some warnings there so I think there is. There is big value from that perspective. But I from the president's time on the podium these have as many people have observed serve become a substitute for a campaign rally and his opportunity to get out there invent to attack his perceived enemies of the moment And to try and get his message and his spin on the message. Directly to people circumventing what is being reported in the rest of the news media outside of Fox News so I think it is a fair criticism that these do at times turned into a political rally. But I also think the difficult balance because like I said there is real information that actually comes from the scientists involved in this and I just as a regular person feel like I have watched these and it has changed my views about how I should be protecting myself whether I should be traveling whether I going to the grocery store or wearing a mask and those sort of things Phil Rucker Do you believe you know it's interesting. You could cover these. If this were the nineteenth century you could simply ignore all the silly parts of it and just write about the information. If you knew your audience hadn't seen the briefing. You wouldn't feel like you were leaving anything out. I feel as if because we know these are televised. We feel it's necessary to cover the hijacks. Yeah I think that's right. Shaq intercept performance our quality to what the president's trying to do here. He has been under siege for months now because of his slow acknowledgement of the Fred of Corona Virus. And and the time it took the administration to really take it seriously and so in turn what he's done with these briefings. It's to try to prevent image of command and control if you just have the briefing on Mute You see the president with numbers on a screen behind him that show. How many masks ventilators or whatever they're sending to stakes and then you see all these people that he's flanked by. Sometimes their uniforms members of the military sometimes the surgeon. General's there sometimes. It's the doctor's always vice. President pence is right over his shoulder. with a sign of acknowledgment and support in his body language and I think for trump. He's trying to use these briefings as an opportunity to present an image of command that doesn't necessarily align with the facts on the ground at how this administration is handling it which is troubled Shannon. I WANNA go back because it's a great question that US last week. It was the way you worded it and it was funny. He didn't jump down your throat. And normally he would on this issue and official testing right. The biggest single you know error in our response has been the testing bockel. And you simply ask you promise. Twenty seven million tests just asking winter. We expect the other twenty six million and he. He fumbled the bed because he tries to drown us in number sometimes but it does seem as if he's behaving this way because he knows he messed up and trying to recover sort of like gum. You're walking down the sidewalk in front of the cool kids and you trip and stumble a little bit then you have to dust yourself off and start walking cooler like ever did before. Pretend nothing happened. That's sometimes how I kind of feel like he is walking out here trying to act like every you know yes I just stumbled but everything's fine now and maybe blame someone else. They'd say who put that there. How did I trip over that? Maybe somebody else? He's always gotTa Blake Sidewalk there. That's a terrible idea right. And and that's part of these briefings to is laying the groundwork for who to blame the. Who was the latest blame? Victim the governors. The Governor of Michigan was the want to be blamed over that of course Biden. The Obama Administration always gets the blame So you testing. He blame that on it. You know a a and again. It's not actually accurately says terrible faulty broken system. It's just a system created for something else for different type of disease outbreak. Don't even now. Yeah that never. He keeps saying that in. It's like what are you talking about right. It was essentially a testing system that was designed for something like A. You know a Bulla outbreak or not something that would be so widespread that you would need these sort of rapid quick response rates but they still really haven't been able to answer the question of testing and while that hindered our ability to get started. It is gonNA hinder our ability to get out of this because if we want to reopen the economy and get people back to work we have to be able to test everyone so we can quickly identify someone who wants the cases dropped down. We can identify a new case. All the contract tastes Contract tracing to quarantine people again and stop this from getting out of control and I still don't think we have a an actual answer to that question and they've created so much confusion around it I don't know if that's unintentional. Because it is just a confusing topic or if it's intentional. Because they're trying to cover up the fact that there are still huge testing whole occurring Phil Rucker in the same briefing. Where he he seemed to want to blame the WTO. It was amazing to me what he doesn't know he didn't know anything about the Peter Navarro memo and read it. He didn't know any couldn't any idea. Why is it that it could be working class? African Americans could be hit harder by. This just has no idea how that could be. He had no idea what happened with Secretary of Navy. The Acting Secretary of Navy didn't know anything about that. It's a crutch obviously when he doesn't want to comment on something or he doesn't like the facts and he doesn't have an alternative explanation. His answer is I don't know anything about and Chuck we've seen that time and again right. He he knows nothing about Paul Manafort. It's campaign chairman when when Manafort Was ARRESTED. We've seen this all the time from him and what was so striking to just hone in on that. Navarro memo is it was dated near the end of January beginning. January third trump was getting information in his presidential daily brief About Corona virus about the dangerous about the outbreak in China that human level. What what did he ever say he was listening? Now just because somebody was briefing. Him doesn't mean he was listening yet. He tunes this out and he doesn't have much appreciation for the expertise of people in the government. People like Dr Fao. She and others but in all rounds of government in the intelligence community and the national security apparatus. We've seen this over three years of his presidency where he thinks he's the expert. He thinks he knows best and tunes out. Whatever people are telling him so I guess the question is whether I don't think this helps him. I think every day I think this is one of those moments where he thinks Shannon that the hijinks and the entertainment quality of what he brings this job still hold during a pandemic and I just think fit the hijinks that I don't know we'll I'll be curious. I don't know if the country has the same patients when suddenly they're like. Where's My job? Why am I trapped in my house? Repels going on here. Why do you keep bloviating over here? Member Mike Francesa rant. You know it's like way you know. It's like yeah. Here's a guy who was like trump voters. I what the hell's up by pillow guy went up there. Just telling you what the Hell's going on you know. Yeah I mean. We're all probably quite cynical at this point I feel like though if you liked trump before this you watch these and you're you think he is a commander in chief in charge of the country. You think he's doing the best he can. Of course this is not going to be perfect. We've never seen anything like this. You Know He. He did what he could with China if you liked him before you're going to give him the benefit of doubt here if you didn't like them before you're GonNa Watch this and thank keys. A bloviating Idiot whatever your perception of him before was and you can't believe what's happening and that he's caused the death of tens of thousands of people in this is all his fault. I think we just play to a draw again like we've seen in past crises of his presidency like we saw an impeachment people's opinions are so set on him and they've been so set for three or four years now and while it seemed like he got a little bit of a bumped in polling initially as may be about two weeks ago with his approval rating going up a little bit among Democrats little bit among Republicans. From what I've seen the past week. It looks like everything's leveled off. And we're back to the forty seven percent. Forty seven percent country with this group this group of UNICORNS IN THE MIDDLE. Who can't make up their mind or somewhere like a needle in the haystack of voters. That are somehow at this point and yet Phil Rucker. It was actually such an unforced air politically I look at the the. I look at all of this..

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