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Someone who really encouraged me right and who was a good editor and I I never saw well at the separation between developing recipes and writing to me writing the recipe instructions was a form form of creative writing. It was a way of imagining somebody in the kitchen imagining talking to them. It was a conversation for me Suet. Do it always felt like like writing. It always felt like like I was talking to the person who would be falling my recipes so that was I don't I hadn't odd experience of friend of mine. Akali friend was was going to award nomination and a book of mine. What was the baking with? Julia Book was just been published in and she said to me and I hope you don't get nominated and when I could catch my breath I said what are you saying being and she said well all you did was write the book and I've thought about that's twenty some odd years ago and I've thought I always think about that because I think what is it about is a cookbook. Just the recipes zippy's is a cookbook. A cookbook is something you right. Do we think about the importance of writing. When it's instructional optional I think it is a whole peace and it never occurred to me that being just the writer with anything less than being so it's I think about this a lot? I think that I would love to seek cookbooks thought about as books yeah well as cookbook pieces of writing. There is so much personality that goes into the even just the instructional part of a cookbook. It's unique due to its writer. Yeah I mean you have a very particular way of raiding your recipes of. It's it's it's our voice. It's in Yeah it's instruction and pep talk and like walking people back from the cliff with baking yeah. Thank you very much which we'll be right back with Dorie Greenspan and joy the baker after this quick break. If you're serious foodie unique to know about traeger wood fired.

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