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Criminal and taking bribes from people that wanted to get that katrina money uh should be ashamed of himself and kathleen blanco should the democrat governor of louisiana at the time of katrina and two thousand five should look at what's going on in texas and she should be ashamed of herself and and the democrats should be ashamed of themselves for tarling america and americans and white men and people with bass boats and people with camouflage clothing and people that hunt as being awful terrible deplorables all right so i mean these are just a couple of things that that come to mind when i think about the weaken review that this is the real america this is the america that democrats deny that they lie about that they demonize that they attack and look they're doing it right now now while we're still counting the dead and we are still literally counting the dead down there and the politico is smearing the good people of of texas by accusing them being y'all who's and morons and how dare they believe in god idiot christians and all of us and the french left with charlie hebdo using apparently the entire population of texas of being nazis and and all this and what i see is a coming together of americans which is what i've always seen throughout my entire life and every now and then there's a bad incident like charlottesville there is and that was a bad incident but it was the outline not the norm i think what we're seeing in texas is the norm and and again it's not about what race you are or what faith you are or whether you're a person of faith it's about coming together without even being asked to come together no one called those people with the cat caps and the camouflage clothing and the bass boats nobody nobody had to call them they were watching the television and they showed up because they wanted to help that's that's my america that's the america that i grew up and that's the america.

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