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From getting the vaccination. So there is there's a lot of unknowns here, and hopefully the president will get more specific. It's a red eye radio Dan Madison for Eric and Gary. Here's Your National Forecast. Tropical Storm Mindy has moved through Florida and now off the U. S East Coast. Much of the rain yesterday limited to the I 95 Corridor has moved offshore from New York to Boston, though things will still be rainy at least through this morning, but then clearing later in the day filtering in behind that front that moved through yesterday along the East Coast are cooler temperatures. Indianapolis Today at 81. Atlanta will see 84 mid eighties to low nineties for Florida eighties and mid seventies from the mid Atlantic to the Northeast. It's a different story west of the Mississippi as temperatures climb again in the West Dallas and the lower to mid nineties Kansas City around 100 degree Mark. Above 100 for the desert Southwest Denver could top out at 100 Look for rain today from southern Washington in through central Oregon and Northern California. Aiding in suppressing wildfire. There's a look at your national forecast from red Eye radio. I'm meteorologist John Trout. Stay. Am 7 90, ABC. Okay, ABC news at 10 30. I'm Sharon Reardon. Here's what's happening. President Biden will make a stop in Long Beach Monday for Governor Newsom. The recall election is Tuesday. Biden is the last in a string of big name Democrats who have come here to help Newsome try and beat the recall election. Meanwhile, the LAPD is investigating an attack in Venice yesterday involving a group of homeless people against Larry Elder and his team who had made a campaign stop. Their eggs were thrown at Larry and a woman wearing a gorilla mask started shouting obscenities and smacking his security detail and a copy of the comic book where Spider Man first appears, is swinging into history. Matt Manson explains. The New York Times reports a copy of Amazing fantasy number 15 from 1962 sold for $3.6 million at all. Auction. It's now believed to be the most expensive comic book ever sold throughout the 10 page story. Uncle Ben tells Peter Parker that with great power, there must also come. Great responsibility. I'm Matt Matt Johnson, K ABC Sports USC takes on Stanford this Saturday. You can hear that game live right here on 7 90 K ABC pregame coverage begins at 5 30. And that's sports on the home of the U. S. C. Trojans. The markets closed in the red Today the Dow lost 151 points. NASDAQ dropped by 38, the S and P 500 lost 20 K ABC SoCal weather clear skies this evening some clouds and fog along the coast after midnight lows in the sixties. Partially cloudy to start our day tomorrow than sunny and hot highs up to the low eighties at the beaches, nineties and triple digits for the inland in Valley areas currently 75 degrees in La Habra 76 in La Kenyatta, and it's 70 degrees in Los Angeles. Your drive home just got more profitable. It's a new Frank, mo Tech on money news Business and Frank, Mo Tech weekdays at six after Leo two point alive at five Right here on 7 90 K ABC traffic is next. K ABC dependable traffic Right now, in Lakeview, terrorists on the Foothill Freeway to 10 westbound wetland. There's a crash in the left lane. It's.

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