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I watch it i. I watched that clip every now and then tweeted out And then i'm gonna go. Davis actress fences reason performance But had one for actor that one still blows me away. Can we talk about on the pot all the time. Whenever it's a movie that's converted from stage to screen it just it one thing to be good but it's nothing to be great and davis finds a way to have a stage presence on screen yet. It still feels like a movie. It doesn't break that weird fourth wall and it's just such a fucking and denzel pretty damn good alpine here but she incredible in that role that once seen with who the guy we interviewed russell hornsby where like he's talking like wanna borrow money. Whatever in the even viola davis and that seemed to all man acting right like that's like that's the thing like that right there. That's fucking acting like there's just some rolled up she throw a bunch of. I don't know there's many people who can throw that type performance and with that emotion when it comes emotional reactions in dialogue outfielder kind of unbeatable. Nonsense trill your. And i'm gonna i'm gonna i'm gonna go with best actress. I've talked about this actress before i. She is my favorite actress of all time. And this is a movie that got a lotta love okay. In and this is another movie. We haven't talked a whole lot on podcast. 'cause normally were making jokes about a new fast and furious Marriage story two or whatever the hours because remember the hours two thousand the hours two thousand and two thousand and three movie. Gotta lotta love. I think it may have been a nominated for for best picture. Maybe at one nicole kidman won best actress for this. But julianne moore gave a better performance in that movie. And i i think her performance in that movie is one of my favorites pay favorite performances of all time but across the board like the way it picked philip seymour hoffman than went to robert deniro. Julian moore's my pick. We talked about versatility but also just her her screen presence is.

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