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There's this hour from townhall dot com. Pop after toss. President Trump says his White House chief of staff will be leaving the administration. John Kelly will be leaving toward the end of the year at the end of the year. And I appreciate his service very much Kelly retired marine general has served as chief of staff since July two thousand seventeen a White House official says that top prospects to replace Kelly is vice President Mike Pence of staff Nick Ayers government showdown over border wall funding has been postponed for two weeks. The president signed a stopgap spending Bill to fund key government departments until December twenty first the deadline had been Friday, but congress and the White House agreed to the extension to avoid a budget battle during the same week when Washington paused for funeral ceremonies honoring former president, George H W Bush, Greg Clugston, the White House storm spreading snow, sleet and freezing right across a wide swath of the south has millions of people in its path. North Carolina Governor Ryk Hooper into Piedmont to the western parts of our state. We're preparing for days of impact not ours. Governors and local officials in several states declared emergency ahead of the storm crossing several southern states and poised to hit particularly hard in portions of North Carolina and Virginia. Oklahoma quarterback caliber has won the Heisman Trophy after leading his Oklahoma centers to the college football playoffs Murray says he feels he's the right quarterback in the right program. Cool, calm collected guy. I kind of Lord bless me with the ability to handle situations differently for me knowing that I was going to the right situation. I just believe that you know, going on. You is the best of the situation for me. He'd beat that to a tug of Iowa setting up a college football playoff matchup of Heisman winner and runner up. President Trump tossed coin flip before the Rb beat the navy seventeen ten in Philadelphia yesterday. The army's third straight one of the series. More of these stories at townhall dot com. Hi, we're here with Alexander. Green four-time bestselling author chief investment strategist of the Oxford club. Alex is the stock picking legend he calls six of the best stocks in the past twenty years including apple intuitive surgical net. Flicks berry on Amazon and sell gene. Now, Alex, I understand you're targeting a new stock. Yes. It's a cutting edge tech company making blockbuster deals. I'm talking about four hundred and fifty million dollars with Nokia three hundred ninety five million with Microsoft and twenty nine point two billion dollar deal with apple the company is set to create fifty thousand new jobs right here in America, and Donald Trump himself even calls what they're doing the eighth wonder of the world, you've likely never even heard of it because this three dollar stock trades under a secret name, Alex just got on stage in front of a packed crowd to talk about this secret stock, and you can see his free presentation at one stock retirement dot com. Don't wait on this week's the stock to make big national news on December seventeen. Go to one stock retirement dot com now. The secret service added nearly forty years of protecting former President George Hw Bush with tribute the detail officially ended Friday morning the day after Bush was buried at his presidential library in college station. Texas secret service nickname for the forty first president timber wolf some agents became close friends agents were honorary pallbearers at this week's funeral events. The secret service paid tribute to the late president on Twitter. Posting photos from twenty thirteen when Bush shaved his head in support of an agent two year old son with leukemia. Bush's daughter Robin died of the disease at the age of three. I'm Warren Levinson. New Zealand police said Sunday, they found a body. They believe to be that of missing twenty two year old British tourist grace Mullane. Police said the body was in a forested area on Saturday at twenty six year old man was charged with murder case after he was detained for questioning. Breaking news at analysis at townhall dot com. California. Prosecutors say Avezzano has agreed not to sell flog raw in the state from birds that have been forced fed state lawmakers band that form of fatty duck and goose liver delicacy nearly fifteen years ago. The Los Angeles County district attorney said that a state judge approved a settlement between the online retailer at her office along with district attorney's in Monterey, and Santa Clara counties. The prosecutors had accused Amazon eight a lawsuit of illegally silly Quadra in California, the its website animal rights activists say the process is painful, cruel a US appeals court upheld that law, but I can twenty seventeen Bogner reporting. A southern California school district has agreed to pay eight and a half million to four students who alleged they were sexually abused by a former teacher the Reverend unified school district agreed to settle a claim alleging the children were molested by Joel Coen's former Redlands high school drama teacher who has pleaded not guilty to fifteen felony charges. More of these stories at townhall dot com. I. Patrick foss. Christmas.

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