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Obey because that's what helped me right. That's how i got. Were i am just kissing and licking ass. That's how i got. Just just open your mouth in. Put your tongue on their asshole and you'll have millions of dollars in no time. Well not everyone is going to do it. And so what's the point sending these kids right. We've already bid and you've already doomed to a life of mediocrity anyway. What's the point of sending them there so that it can be more mediocre than the other mediocre kids. I don't know. I don't know but it's pretentious and it's it's nonsensical because now we've had promises for both the biden and the trump administration's that these schools would follow protocol that they would protect the teachers at all cost. And what are they doing there. I i see it all the time. They allow these kids. Just come in there. They don't have mask on. You know you hear all kinds of reports from teachers how they had their mask on when they came in the morning than taking them off throughout the day. Not everyone has had vaccines by far. I think the last. I said twenty. Five percent of the nation has vaccinated. What is wrong with you people. It's gonna start another spread community spread. We have community spread in michigan in. It's going to come here to again. It's just arrogance so the teachers are still striking and they're going to continue to strike especially the teachers in the union and the teachers do not have unions are going to quit. And then you're gonna be left with your dick in your hands and you get a little bit of a real fucking asshole. Then you're going to be forced to pay teachers more. And then you really gonna be up shit's creek because you don't have the money to do it your to cheat and pta parent teacher associations. They're not gonna do anything about giving teachers more money. You already lost twenty five percent a quarter of last year's teachers that they've already moved on to other professions including me gone. I'm never going back. And i guarantee there are many many teachers like that. Who have just been so disgusted by the cova pandemic and how they were treated and how they just had to suck it up and be a hero even though when you become a teacher. You're not you're not an athlete. You're not trying to be a hero. You're not a politician. You become a teacher because you want a secure job. They even get the met. You're gonna be left with a very reduced teaching force and remember when when your child your your you know you with your rich ass. You got all this money and you can't find a school that that won't have less than fifty students per class Apart from these very expensive schools that are teaching leg you know christian theocracy would. You can't find that. Don't complain because you brought it on yourself. That is that that should shock and terrify you. Twenty five percent of last year's teachers are gone. Never teach again. What is the future of your student in such a system. And why do you continue to be so selfish. Those are the things that you should ask yourself are at everyone. Thank you so much for joining us here on more content. Talk if you'd like you can go ahead and subscribe to our show you or youtube channel. You can also sponsor us on anchor You can also check us out on instagram. More content to look and you can also follow us on more underscore content p. l. s. on twitter Have a wonderful day evening night. Whatever remember you should really be nicer to teachers. Because if you don't you're screwing over yourself in your kids take it easy..

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