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So that's another passion might so i'm a drop. Your mom says off year leads. You know recycle here this on a call me all the time so hey i know you're going to know this where can i bring wa wa wa stuffed animals. Where can i bring you know. Got outta da. And i don't have an answer. I'll find it. And so i wanted. I wanted my own nonprofit rate. I thought sure. I'm gonna you know it's my name. My company cold so i could roll with it then have cooperation but then when i stumbled don hurry to smile i realized like oh wait. That's an ego. Say need to start by not off it. somebody else is already doing. I don't know just alabama for that right now. Right that was that was a big aha moment or mighty love that. I think that's something for all of us to really here because so often our ego gets into the that the gain in wants to shake our showing up or what we're doing how did you what was the. How did you catch your ego in that moment in. What was there that you said bats my ego. What what happened will she was doing. Exactly my friend who started the nonprofit was doing exactly what i wanted to do is go on. We service trips in include other people on without having to add the religious component in religious component. And when i went on a trip. I had an odd moment in meditation. We meditate on the room. I had an a moment imitation. I share it with her. And i said you know i went on this trip thinking. Oh i'm gonna get great pets to to start nonprofit and now i just realized i don't need to start a non-profit. You've already done everything that i would have wanted. You know. and after that when we came home she invited need it to serve on her war. And so before i go on the trip i collect. I collect shoes. i collect toiletries. I collect toys for the kids. And i go over with bins and big huge. Beat up suitcases. That won't go away. 'cause they bring their say on just an elite back and sell them up and so again. I'm including that unity are i'm so excited to take photos. And tag them on social media that they did that. Yeah use your donations. My studied kabbalah in my kabbalah group gave me one hundred fifty dollars. They cut donations together and they wanted it to go for sloops children so we need a special trip on our way into the village. We bought rice and beans and different things and six families the big huge benz and so as meager delivering. Yeah i was able to take photos and do a video and send it endure a are one of the meditations like they all washed together as a group. It was their money that they collected in so to me. That is amazing. Yeah i would agree with that naturally. Interesting I've sat on the board of the women's foundation of colorado for multiple years. And i actually just left this spring and it was a lot of different things that too many things in the air and part of the other you know that was one part of it was i was balancing too many things. I wanted to simplify and on the other hand part. What's really calling. Today is more of that one on one connection. Was you know with with the community that the time engaging west and that's what you're describing there and as a foundation were donated to a lot we were donating over a million dollars a year out to colorado Nonprofits but we weren't getting that frontline connection. And i think as i am looking for my west next in in my sole answer b. That's one of the things that i'm going to really be looking like because like houston going on a trip where you're going in your being with people and that just ended in taking pictures sharing with others. I think all of that is just so beautiful. What doing what you're doing here is pretty amazing. It was interviewed. People to inspire others to give back into share realize race is is pretty was really a may. I mean it was ten years. I sat on the board or in some form working with them. So and before that i was american diabetes association. So i've i've done the board side of it. And now i'm like kay worse this next little piece Just opening my eyes to paying attention to this podcast is doing it right. Yeah absolutely absolutely and that is part of. It's like when. I taught with stories that we tell here. They're really about how big were getting back on the road in store in the world. Where can people learn more about you in your work. So my website is jimmy. Johnson co i have an instagram page and facebook page and again if everybody is looking to do earth project which is so fun. I have the templates for it. Really just a form of the connections donations on defending. I'm open to anyone wanting to have a conversation. If they they really feel inspired to add a give back to their business You know. I love conversation about it and see i would love to. I like the per project idea and actually got an event at the end september if you get that template mud because that would be fun thing. Denigrate live gathering back together so I may reach out orient. That and just have that conversation with you. I feel like as as leaders and coaches influences influencers. Anyone present opportunity for people to listen to. You know i every street or event or gathering it something. What's the need. And i never know what it is. The universe always prince it right in front of me. Oh such-and-such need socks. Oh okay. I haven't event next week. Let me send out an email. I don't guess he's already gone out in the route. I'll just send email like last minute. If anybody wants to donate to the right they feel great. They snobbish maximal job and bought a couple of packages of socks and put him in for the kids. For whatever it is you know so. That's something else too. It does have to be big every time a little bit else. I think being being on the front line in actually seeing it putting people's hands helping them get beds and all sheets and everything else donald years. I've seen firsthand but that's not for everyone. Yeah hasn't were. The person who writes the check right are drops the donations off at a. You know local something or another not about. Oh you need us. Run ever is different. I'm a hands on worker. Bunny kinda work beat arson. So it's not right for everyone you have to really what's right and you were throwing your years. Yeah so the fine at this. I know we've got a a hard close year. So i wanna make sure we get our final question because we can keep talking about this. My love this conversation but the final question. I always close with our what three a- wisdom would you like to leave with our audience today every little bit helps every little bit counts lead with your heart and make sure you're not saying no to you. I saying yes to someone else. That's a really good one in the balancing right stirring that well saw showing up in an event.

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