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So he sido crimes. We better get down and try to get AH cellphone service because you can't get so there is going to have we have a mountain and instead A bunch of people have had a chainsaw down trees blocking the path and we're kind of like threatening them. So they were like freaking out. Eventually, they decided to take their phones out. They started filming the people that were threatening them. At that point, they all left. They've got the cops. The cops came and kind of saved them. But they were terrified for good. You know, three or four hours. Scary scenario. This is not like this. Twilight. Well, that's all right. Just trust me. Oh, man, uh, in that movie reminded me of it was a comedy. Wass. The Russians are coming. The Russians are coming. Yes, The Russian. Yeah, That's good. Yeah, the misidentification and it's got a little deliverance. Is someone suggesting there too? It's like You don't know You know what people are capable of? And the people most matter with poor citizens of Port says You're making it sound like a bunch of rednecks that we're not all rednecks. I let the guy having that having the wherewithal in order to bring the chain saw in order to cut down the trees to block them in their bus. Wow. Yeah, they say everybody. Everybody who has a truck in forks has a chainsaw in the you know, in their possession, All right, that makes sense. Tracy tell arguing like that going on the road right now. I know, but that happens a lot in Pullman. I understand a couple of things we're watching right now. On north on four or five getting into Kirk Linus and flowing on south bound for all five just after Kirkland and heading out towards Cold Creek Parkway. I'm super convinced we've got something going on out there. Cold Creek has all of a sudden. I mean that Bree back, it breaks up and you're fine. It's a speed limit Dr. Getting out to the Valley Freeway. Speaking up there, some scattered slowdowns outside of Value Medical center to emerald downs and again leaving highway team most of the way through Sumner, a backup on South 25 starts after 85th continues to the downtown corridor Busy up South Centre Hill. Creating heavy on that North found five drivers. We get out of north Seattle most of the way an amount like terrorism once again from the Boeing Freeway up to Mary's fell traffic brought to you by Subaru Puyol of Traffic is stressful on one thing that's always stress free is buying a car from Super Cool breather reviews You'll see why syrup you all of your stress free dealership. Cairo Radio. Real time traffic. I'm Tracy Taylor. We're here for what happened tonight. I am issuing a stay home order to fight this fire. Multiple sources have confirmed to me that Seattle police Chief Carmen Best is going to reside.

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