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And Lionel Barrymore, the story of doctor Kildare from sixty nine years ago, June nineteen fifty and some missing money in play. This could be very disastrous for somebody we thank you for joining us on this, Saturday, the eighth day of June, the one hundred fifty nine th day of twenty nine thousand nine we have two hundred six days remaining until we get to twenty twenty. The prophet, Mohammad died on the state and six thirty to Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the US died in Tennessee. Tennessee, by the way became the eleventh and last state to secede from the union on this date in eighteen sixty one debuting on television on this date in one thousand nine hundred forty eight the Texaco star theater. Thanks. We wear. We encounter. Texaco. On everything. Four. Your windshield Belton bugs in tires too. Reason polishes. Get your. Star. And of course, one of the stars that Texaco star theater was Milton. Berle Oncle miltary. Let's see James Earl Ray Martin Luther King junior's, assassin, arrested on this date in nineteen sixty eight in one thousand nine hundred eighty to President Reagan became the first American president to address a joint session of Britain's parliament and in nineteen Eighty-three negro baseball great sexual page passed away. But I wasn't quite at seven at time. I hit was control in Noma Fayence look pretty good to me. And I think that a lot of people figure well maybe this is Sach's last year. Maybe not going to be as good as he was last year. But I think you showed him out there, sunny that you just as good as better than you were last year. We'll try to keep up like that. But Jack, I don't think this Malaysia, please ball fifteen to twenty years, well over land. The way the way you throw that ball. I think you'll do. All right on a nineteen Fifty-eight interview by w TV. Jay's Jack Cummins in Miami back in nineteen fifty eight satchel page at that time was fifty two when he passed away on this date in nineteen eighty three Sasho page was seventy six in nineteen ninety eight Charlton Heston, assumed the presidency of the National Rifle Association sewers, which set out this year to defeat the divisive forces that would take freedom away. I want Saito's fighting words for everyone within the sound of my voice to hear and to heed, and especially for you. Mr.

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