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Term also on smackdown on friday. Becky lynch and bianca belair their contract citing going gonna be a wrestling each other. And they're going with it. Rich bianca's baby face becky as a heel. It seems genuinely becky is is in on this. She's not not questioning the booking. She's enthusiastically trying to make happen. The crowd reaction. She wants to happen. And what was it big shot backs. Is that what she called herself. Yes yeah it's not just that phrase. But the way she said and her demeanor and her arrogance self-satisfied swagger There's i think she might pull this off and it won't work. If uncle belair wasn't stepping up her game as a baby face in finding. I think that sweet spot to stand opposite of becky and turn even becky fans against becky in favor of her. I thought last week was a big win for both of them. Oh gotta make sure i'm corrected. It's big time. Beck's that makes most. Yes that sounds right thank you. What are they getting that. Yep yup and yet you're right. I think the the the bianca promos since she's really built yourself back up in the one thing again and it goes back. I think folks have to think about it this way or i shouldn't say that many times folks need to consider the fact that a lot of these wrestlers in this generation of wrestling are for each other as much as they are developing their character and getting to the top so with a person like becky lynch working with similar bailey before her injury. In talking to steve austin and being okay with being selfish but at the same time trying to help out your fellow woman. Becky isn't going to go in the back. And if there's a piece of information any next time cut me off here instead of here. She's not going to retain that information and not tell bianca for the sole purpose of keeping her spot. She is going to want to be the best beyond that she could be. Because that makes becky mbeki in expecting more money and so yeah but having said that bianca needed to step up to the plate next swing. And she's doing that and you can see it in her body language when they interview. You can see that she's going away slowly. I don't know if it's direction from producing or if it's her asserting yourself from doing the typical body language when they talk next the hard camera you have to frame your body near the camera as opposed to talking to the human being in front of you and by having those conversations in the confrontations. It's making it more palpable as opposed gesture traditional a. We're gonna take turns talking beller air as a pillar of wwe. I've been going up and down on since she was called franklin back to annex t days. I'm higher on that possibility today than i was. Then i have been at any time. Like an and i think what you just said about. Becky helping her being someone who can help bring her along is really valuable. She's not going to get that from every top woman and wwe right now But i think belair is going to get it from becky And that's going to help her in. I don't know if there's a perfect analogy of you know someone who already made it to the top like becky has although not for a super sustained period of time being a huge difference maker. She's still got something to prove. She's not downshifting into legend status. Lynn leaning back in her chair. I mean she's still got something to prove to but the two of them together. I think more than you charlotte or ripley. Or anyone. Else for that matter into they. Be the to kind of generational opposites. I thought i'm not ruling out. Ripley becomes the belair top rival but for now because becky is back and she does have a lot to prove. That has taken over for what i wrote about leading into wrestlemania as a possibility. Yeah and as they build to it. It's gonna be a really interesting thing to say because by that point you're gonna clearly have bailey back and so what did bailey do. Where does she move in those circles. And i'm assuming because of the the the draft than all the other stuff they gotta do to even out the network appeasement. There's gonna be some changes to whom whomever's on smackdown and raw currently so. Yeah i keep those do on there or honestly let the chase. Keep going to october in separate them and make it a reverse becky's chasing after charlotte leading the wrestlemainia with rhonda. I think that would be a really good thing for her. And the only thing. The only caveat i would have is for love. God don't put her with charlotte. That's that's the mission. She's not ready to take right now. Because received re rea- ripley's got a fractured carcass. After and i don't think bianca need another step back. No and i mean. I hate to say it but i just i don't think charlotte from what i'm hearing is in a position to be particularly generous or helpful to young talent. That's unfortunately not her kurt reputation and i think that you know it's damage could be done in a way that that i think belair is worth protecting from. But i don't know yeah that's a whole other. That's a whole other situation that having to deal with right now behind the scenes. But let's let's ed rollins also on super smackdown tomorrow night a big match that they're bringing back. I think they did a nice job. Reheating it i like seth imitating emulating edges. Move in in sort of a creepy. What's he up to. Scenario and edge continues to intense notes. It's a little polarizing in terms how people feel about edge jensen thing they're both kind of polarizing figures in terms of how people feel that they're doing us performers but i think it's a good kind of saturday nights main event type formula from the eighties. Where you give it away on network television the match that his near the end but you think you can get one more rating out of it. And i think they've done a good job doing that. I guess they can carried onto extreme rules if they want but eventually they're going to go their separate ways. Yeah i i like the stalker. Ish fact set and the best thing that happened to. Seth was edge coming back for this run because he got rid of the cult leader stuff but now he's found a flow is just being creepy And not just frustrating. And the other thing with john morrison being johnny drip drip. God help me. Getting rid of the The drip part of his persona. 'cause if i heard that one more time i was gonna pull what little hair i have my head out because it's just If there's one thing that we can do is over use a word. They have those list of words. You can't use. But then when you use my god you're going to swing that hammer as many times. 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