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She was so excited nosing magic break, her heart. Like, just not really good. I don't I don't wanna be like. A rape tiled angry like, no, my real reality. Like, man. I yeah. Really uncomfortable with this whether the same time, I didn't wanna I was still at that time where I didn't wanna piss anybody off really trying to go with the flow. So I was kind of shaking my head. But inside it was like, oh my God. Yeah. At some point to right. I mean, we're we're portraying a character on TV. It's different. Because somehow when you meet fans airports, not there's some realism they're still for them were in that sense. Right. So sometimes there's not the disconnect you get when when you see, you know, a certain. Like when you see a certain person playing a movie role or team show? Roll any see them out as the person you can make that separation wrestling for wrestling fan. Sometimes it seems like it's hard for there to be that separation. You know, I wanna do stuff that I kind of fun with him believe done, and that stuff manage when feeling all know house you pull it off. In one of their not one of their finest moments in the writing room. Here's here's a question that I you know, I'd be interested to hear your take on because of often said in portraying characters on a TV show or an in a movie in it does feel different than wrestling. Because wrestling, it feels and I don't know if it's just the fan base or just the industry itself lends itself to more of your real personality coming out in in your wrestling character and your that same character for possibly twenty years weekend and week out. Whereas I and I've used this analogy don't go up to Johnny Depp. And go h- Edward Scissorhands, man. You're amazing. You go up and say, hey, Johnny Depp. What's up, but people will come up to you and say, hey edge or hey, RIC flair Heyhoe HOGAN. Hey, batista. And it's a weird different beast altogether. Do you find that too? Yeah. No, absolutely. And I always get like really weird reactions. Sometimes I get you know, people a lot a lot like guys. Off when they meet me there. Too weird. I get one or two reactions either they're really excited to meet me and see that. I'm actually not the guy that I betrayed on TV. Are there really disappointed that I'm not like Mr. cool when I walk around with this young kinda swag. And I have ten girls with me. And I'm just not really that guy. But it is it somewhere they get you know, they do get kind of sucked into that. And they really believe you are that that character, you're portraying. And you know, when I really fell into my own a lot of my character was just you know, bits and pieces of my personality. But I just yet. I still was was portraying a character would not like, you know, when you're like full-on when you don't move our TV and films, you're like full-on and character trying to character. But yeah, I don't know, man. Maybe it's just because I was told people that they can't they can't lose sight that you know, people saw me on TV week after week for years. So that's who they that's what they know that they got attached to so like. A lot of times..

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