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Many fiscal conservatives don't like the spending Republican whip John Thune of North Dakota says Senate leaders have the sixty votes they need you don't disclose there are what counts but were we we expected to pass if approved the deal heads to president trump's desk for his signature cloudy Silas NPR news the capitol the navy says one of its fighter jets has crashed in Death Valley national park California the site is some miles away from the naval air weapons station at China lake seven tourists were injured with cuts and burns navy captain Jim Bates as the pilot is still missing early in an active state of looking for the pilot we've got folks out there from our installation China lake the National Park Service and the local authorities bystanders were there watching fighter pilots practice low altitude maneuvers Rwanda's foreign minister is walking back reports that his country is closed its border with Democratic Republic of Congo the new cases of Ebola in the eastern Congolese city of Goma which borders for Wanda the World Health Organization has labeled the Ebola outbreak a rare public health emergency but urged nations not to close their borders the Senate has confirmed Kelly craft to be the next U. S. ambassador to the United Nations craft is currently the US ambassador to Canada she says she will recuse herself from you and talks on issues involving coal her husband is an executive with one of the largest U. S. coal producers she and her husband have also donated millions of dollars to Republican political candidates this is NPR news reports say US officials believe the son of Osama bin laden may be dead the New York times says the officials believe Hamzah bin laden is dead although it's not clear how or where he was killed the times sites officials who say he was killed sometime during the first two years of the trump administration the United Nations says it is investigating allegations of misconduct by leaders of the U. N. agency for Palestinian refugees the agency has been under heavy criticism by the trump administration as NPR's Daniel Estrin reports from Jerusalem according to press reports top officials at the U. N. relief and works agency or under what are accused of sexual misconduct nepotism mismanagement and other abuses of authority as a result Switzerland and the Netherlands say they're suspending their funding to the agency a U. N. spokesman told reporters it's investigating owner was says it's cooperating with the investigation and called on donor countries not to cut their funding the agency provides medical care food and schooling to millions of Palestinian refugees and their descendants who lost their homes when Israel was founded in nineteen forty eight but the U. S. stopped funding the agency this year and accuses it of perpetuating the refugees' plight instead of resettling them in the region Daniel Estrin NPR news Jerusalem there's been an enormous gas explosion and fire in central Kentucky one person has been killed and there are reports several houses were destroyed the fire is in an area south of Lexington Kentucky there's no word on what caused the explosion the fire could be seen for miles I'm korva Coleman NPR news in Washington support for NPR comes from NPR stations other contributors include I drive providing automatic cloud backup for businesses and homes to protect PC's Max and servers from data loss due to ransom where hard drive crashes and cyber attacks and I drive dot com slash NPR in night two of the democratic debate in Detroit candidates made the case for beating president trump just ahead of conservatives take on who may pose the greatest danger to.

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