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Her clothing why wouldn't she either her clothing right this is a kind of a i think it's an awkward thing because she'd be wearing other designers clothing and making that money was she has her own clothes that she likes that are in our closet um but she says it's been putting trust i guess she should never wear any of her products i'm wearing leg and in for ron owens in the number here is four one five eight zero eight zero eight one zero so there's been a number they said a number look according to the wall street journal let me give you some background here she has displayed her merchandise from her fashion brand inch who thirds of her social media post since entering the white house earlier this year as an unpaid adviser uh her various social media accounts have been active since she first joined the white house in march and analysis performed by the wall street journal and celebrity fashion website star style found that a vonk us fashion brand was featured in sixty eight percent of her instagram facebook and twitter posts between march and october that's a lot um a report found in july that she's making millions from the brand which this this was odd to me i okay i understood her haven't wanting to wear her clothing it's her clothing it's in her closet she made this clothing well not she didn't factory workers in china made her clothing um so the here's to things that are troubling me her shop her her brand just opened its first brick and mortar store in the trump tower that seems like a huge conflict of interest herself as entrust but you know who's taking who's she's entrusting hit with its jared's brother anna i believe it's his wife it's her her brotherinlaw and sisterinlaw why is it a conflict of interest to have the store in trump tower one thinking here this is your i'm thinking here she is making more money off of her brand and it's going to her.

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