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Wanting now trump says to he me didn't right i think trump's i don't know line like i think i was he he i did was do hearing that but one oh i in care a says what you she's homers merrill skit than less this is poison what merrill by st her cousin did last night it was all performance she memorized what she was going to say she got up there and by the way tremendous actress because that was all backed up there he may not like donald trump but i mean choose your forming she was performing she had the script yeah she knew exactly how she was going to do it and it bugs me because i don't care what merrill st thanks about donald trump i think that that that she's forgotten why many people voted for donald trump yeah was she's one of these hollywood elite stay right hillary would hang out with right and everybody's weighing look and say oh well there's hillary on stage with you who was it was it was be on say oh you mean jay z b_r he's a at they are acting so call yeah and they're all million there's and they don't remember that the little people they don't remember i don't remember so i so you're actually have merrill strip is actually helping people support trump even more like that he went after her because i'm so tired of these actors inaccurate is who aren't even in the political roman all right everything's perfect in their life they got all the money they want blah blah blah and i just like that for once somebody did i'm going to call you out for calling me right i mean it so i like that i mean for maybe it's why i couldn't i couldn't like you to i could like our am i could like pearl jam i know pearl jam up i the one shoe injected cause one shoe inject your opinion which is kind of weird for faces we give our opinion waiting or paid to give our opinions okay so it's not is though we're supposed to give our opinions were not playing the song we're not acting in a movie it's totally dif look like the proper place okay right rob replace ninety two three right proper place i would say jimmy fallon is monologue proper place right you want to go fun trump but merrill st got up there to accept in awarding.

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