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Kind of law enforcement consequences or complications for their actions will talk about the new laws giving people greater control over their personal data across the eu matthew will be here with more about tomorrow's clash of the titans in the champions league final in kia stories all the way free on newsday from the bbc hello i'm jerry smith with the bbc news north korea has said it still ready to talk directly to the united states out to president donald trump abruptly pulled out of a planned summit with the north korean leader kim jong un a deputy foreign minister kim gay guan described mr trump's decision as extremely regrettable his rupert wingfield hayes insult it's fascinating statement some of the language in it is really quite surprising there's a line in here we have inwardly highly appreciated president trump for having made the bold decision to hold a summit which any other us president dead not do the announcement of the cancellation was unexpected to us and we cannot but feel great regret for it so really fascinating how they're particularly singling out president trump for praise there that suggests one that north korea is surprised by this wants to keep dialogue open but of course it's also playing to a different gallery to its ally china and other countries in the region really saying we're not the ones who caused this an airbase in syria has come under attack from airstrikes fighters from the pro government has belonged militia read the algebra airbase when the attack took place quentin sommerville has more syrian state tv said the base in homes had come under enemy fire it's likely that israel carried out the attack the iranianbacked fighters who fight alongside president assad's forces had gathered there in preparation for an assault on the socalled islamic state which is still holding out in deir ezzor province bordering iraq a source close to the lebanese paramilitaries has warned of reprisals earlier this month israel said its warplanes had destroyed nearly all of iran's military infrastructure in syria quinton some police in the canadian city of toronto as searching for two suspects they believe set off an explosive device inside an indian restaurant the police issued a photograph showing to people with dogs zipup hood is carrying an object into the bombay bell restaurant in the suburb of mississauga speaking to reporters brian gibson deputy chief peel regional paramedic services said a number of people had been injured so we transported fifteen.

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