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Hour eight hundred nine four one Sean if you want to be a part of the program so giving you the latest numbers which is worldwide two hundred and sixty seven thousand nine hundred twenty eleven thousand one hundred and eighty seven deaths are a full third fully recovered expected that the vast overwhelming majority will recover and I I just it has to be some perspective with these numbers because numbers are scary to me just like all my gosh we went up X. percent today what more testing is happening that's the whole idea of this fifteen day period I'm and when you look at for example there were but we go back to two thousand nine and ten H. one N. one we had sixty point eight million Americans the contracted that that was a worldwide pandemic we had a year twelve thousand and what we have four hundred and sixty seven hundred sixty nine Americans die hundreds of Americans were hospitalized as a result and so what even you're seeing in in China South Korea is this dramatic increase that a precipitous drop off the big reason that Italy and Europe has had a bigger problem is they have direct flights from Wuhan province into Italy direct and apparently there's like a hundred thousand people go back and forth in the textile industry and the correlating our industries associated with this that that is part of the reason they have had the greater struggle here obviously you know we're looking at this in the United States and this is what makes this travel ban so okay this is what we're not overloading the hospital systems thanks to the public private partnership in the and now we're beginning to put out drive up testing I think that's important the FDA rule changes that is important and I think as we go further we can see that all these you know American companies are just rising to the occasion in ways we've never seen before again the clerk when I first I thought I was getting words from some of my sources FDA looking into different things and then I I Google that I found Clark went two days ago I read I read it on air with is the one study in consultation with Stanford medical schools etcetera my wow but we're now seeing in this is congressman mark green he's pointing out but again the this is preliminary but it certainly is the hope that I think Americans should have rightly so International Studies China Australia France like Laura Quinn with is it from my S. N. is a hundred percent effective in treating corona especially if it's not even in pill form but if it is a night V. it's even working better then of course I've been discussing a great detail after yesterday the convalescent plasma does that get corona and they get well and you take the blood plasma and it has the antibodies for corona and those that are even very sick the early signs are that once they get an IV that dramatic shifts and changes are are helping those that are even the sickest on the economic side we have all these companies now saying the in the pharmaceutical industry Hey we're we're upping our production of of Clark when you got it's a name you gonna be familiar what's so get used to it we have Amazon dot com Walmart on and other companies now now say they're gonna be hiring hundreds of thousands of people I how cool is that that's awesome Dr Fauci a member took years to get the the virus sequences in the past well we already have within months a coronavirus trial has begun in the U. S. that is a really positive update for everybody and they have our volunteers in the experimental test program that's that's an update as well I does been shortages of pure rail we now know distilleries around America but bureau has to be for it to work sixty percent alcohol now we have distilleries they are now making their own hand sanitizers and given away for free that's a great Americans are unbelievable Johns Hopkins researchers saying that the any bodies that are recovered this is an update to the plasma issue that I've been telling you about but the vaccine being tested in Seattle isn't the only potential treatment Johns Hopkins as has been reviving a century old blood derived treatment for use in the US and the hopes is still slowing the spread and keep helping to get people well and that's using the antibodies from the blood plasma up or the serum of people that are recovered that is now happening south Korea's outbreak is finally turned the corner and abating according to news reports that I read earlier today and Reuters among them that the new infections the recovery cases new infections on Hey let me read it South Korea recorded more Colbert nineteen recovery cases on March six the new infections for the first time since it began and that has been now happening on a more dramatic scale R. O. I'm not gonna talk about China I'm so angry with them or strategy and researchers attesting to other drugs as potential chores for the virus all good news university Queensland center clinical research they found two different medications both of which are registered and available in Australia mmhm and apparently in their early studies of completely wiped out traces of the disease and test tubes now they're going to begin I think the process of human trials in that case I wanna know about another great American business what about uber eats when I first ask you to download on my phone uber eats when the what like two months ago I'm so stupid I'm behind the curve anyway and I've only used it like once or twice but they're now supporting the restaurant industry by waving all delivery fees for a hundred thousand restaurants pretty awesome we have Dutch and Canadian researchers reporting additional breakthrough research this is why we call it facts without fear we're trying to give the information that is helpful and to keep it in perspective I mean when you have penned them when you have tens of thousands of Americans die from the flu every year it is that we like that of course not and when you when you have information that gives some perspective that's important too so that people understand okay we lost up to five hundred seventy five thousand people in the last pandemic other pandemics we've lost a lot more and then you see all of this is good that is now coming to fruition and and frankly I think we're really we're rewriting the entire book some pandemic's going forward right now you're watching history unfold the president is not going to order a nationwide corona shut down I know there's been a lot of stuff on the internet about this president also praising our governors in Washington state California New York and Florida the Midwest that M. and places that are having more of a break up places that are not and he said he's not considering it now should national lockdown okay take it from him and not some dope you know keyboard warrior in his underwear trying to fuel fear Anthony Fauci said that as it relates to California governor Newsom made some very important difficult decisions for Hammond governor Cuomo did today and he'll join us at the top of the next hour for New York forty percent of the cases are in this state where I am right now all all the masks have been ordered all the ventilators are even are now getting in place the house they be hospital ships now one to the east coast one going to the west coast I don't think Medicare for all is acting particularly well now there's a lot of questions out there for example what do we do if you think you were exposed to the virus there's different points of view on that I saw and read in one particular place according to a doctor Jana's emergency position Matt mass general in Boston Massachusetts General it could take as long as fourteen days for the symptoms to emerge in other words if you think you're exposed you really got to pay close attention but even if you got the test early on it it might not be the accurate test you gotta go through the fourteen day he had before you would know for sure if whether you have it because if all of a sudden say it you get it on day two the test if you think you might have been exposed you gonna have to get it again fourteen days later I've talked to people that have the test they said it is brutal they take a swab they shove it deep into your nose takes a hard right turn your eye socket and it hurts I talked to one guy said math tear it up it was so hard to get just you know just giving your facts without fear of the worst thing in our life I should tell the story about what Dr Coburn did to me that one day when the thing I don't think people would like that yeah there's no fear there that was lovely what you just as hard no no there's no fear there no you know the one I'm talking about thirteen eight of thirteen nine had said that he goes that's die that's not blood I'm like oh okay I don't know why some people are ignoring social distancing advice and not listening to the task force I don't even know what to say about them there's an interesting A. P. story about quarantine shaming are I you know I'm just telling you for the for the interest if you're young and healthy and even though now we're discovering for the first time that yeah young people can now get this we did not know that up until this British guy comes out and says we're not paying attention to this look here and now the CDC is confirmed at this week you should pay attention to it but if nothing else what are you doing for grandma and grandpa that might be sick underlying conditions or compromised immune systems do it for them I'm anyway all overseas travels obviously stopped I'll let the psychiatrist deal with you know people that a motion league are very distraught fearing the virus more than anything else you know I just I live a life that is you know what honestly I just you cannot live your life in fear live your life smartly make smart decisions be strategic listen you know if you wear gloves and a mask guess what if you put if you touch your nose you might remind yourself yeah I don't like the feel like love stuff like that to smart things you can do fear is not going to help you realistic strategic listening being smart that's going to help you I'm I'm hearing that truckers are gonna get the help that they need that is critical because they are our first responders and all of our groceries and all of our medicines come via truck I gotta give a tip of the hat to the grocers around the country because they have all gotten on board they've been talking to the president and they are they're moving heaven and earth to keep the shelves filled that's all good news for those now I know for a lot of you and I'm talking about some of my best friends in this life that okay restaurants are closed now I mentioned some of my favorite restaurants and my favorite pizza place Mario's and everything in between and my favorite Chinese place now here's the thing a lot of these stores are offering service we can drive a pick it up and get out and use it there have or the setting up delivery services for the first time.

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