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Wasn't scheduled for anything unusual that day. I was supposed to fi- normal routine cargo mission. But when I got to chew live. I got a recall to return to denying for a special mission. We were told that the special forces camp Cam dot was being. Overrun by superior North Vietnamese force, and we were supposed to have with the evacuation Cam duck. Does it was was being over on? When we check Dan was the airborne command post. They told us to go down to the south west of the field in orbit, and they would call us when they were ready for us because they had several airplanes in front of us. So we did. The first C one thirty that went in had all four of its engine shot out while he was on the final the second airplane took on a load of two hundred versions and right after takeoff shot down and all on board. We lost. The third airplane landed a few survivors got on board then transport team under heavy attack from all sides, and he took all. And left three combat controllers on the ground. And. It reported to airborne command posted he picked up the last of the survivors. And. Command post. Call the fighters and says, okay, fighters you go in and and destroy the camp, so whatever's there can't fall into the hands of the enemy. So they were going in to do that when the file call and said, no, no, he just left three men. Combat control told team off the airplane. By this time. It's getting pretty dark clouds all over the place, and whether it was really deteriorating badly airborne command post call and ask foos any anyone into a Senator that couldn't go in and take those guys out, and I was looking out the window. And I knew exactly where they were. So we called and said Roger we're going in. And. From nine thousand feet started a. Freely steep landing approach Beyer speed was right at the maximum for that configuration. The rate of descent hit the limit on the instrument. So I don't know how fast going down from nine thousand feet. I lost all of that altitude in a two hundred seventy degree turn rolled out on the final approach about just about a thousand feet from the end of the runway and was able to touchdown within the first hundred feet of runway. So I was lucky sky in the world, I was able to stop that airplane. Exactly opposite the three guys that were in the ditch and they started running out George airplane, and as they're getting on board. I'm looking back and co-pilot goal out. Oh my God. Look at that. And one hundred twenty two millimeter. Rocket had been fired directly towards airplane and it's skidded down to runway and broken half and stopped right immediately in front of the nose wheel of the airplane. I mean, really really close it didn't go off. So again, the luckiest guy in the world. Loadmaster call. They're all on board. Then took off in the opposite direction. And as I was was taken off automatic weapons and small arms fire was was directed front of me from both sides of the runway, we got off the ground safely. And really, you know, they were two miracles there that after one is that you were able to get in and get out safely and the other one is it was not a single bullet hole in here. When you receive the medal of honor of your life changes, and it changes dramatically. I have to represent the thousands of Americans have served their country. Make them proud of what you have done it what they have done. And that's a tough job telling tell you. You can be anything you want to. It's a matter of choice, and one of the things that was taught to me by my mother and the minister was it. Regardless you, always do the right thing. How can you tell what the right thing to do is my philosophy is that have all the options that you have available to one you most would not like to do. That's probably the right thing..

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