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Against him the other case involves police in Tustin where Jesus as a man driving with tinted windows was stopped and questioned about his immigration status she says he was told he would not be charged in connection with that traffic stop but would stay behind bars until I saw thirties could take him into custody Chris Seton's can extend seventy newsradio ACLU action claims the Tustin police transfer that prisoner to Orange County sheriff's deputies are turned him over to ice the counties including included in the A. C. L. U. complaint well the flu season this year is looking especially rough for young people the CDC says there been thirty two pediatric flu death so far this season which is the most since federal officials started keeping track sixteen years ago Dr Charles Bailey medical director of infectious disease and prevention at Saint Joseph hospital in orange tells K. an axe one reason the flu hits kids heart is because their immune systems aren't fully develop young children haven't had that library of prior vaccinations even if you perhaps don't get a flu shot one year you may still have some degree of protection based on the vaccines you had in the past or maybe even exposure to the flu LA county says the flu so far as turning up at a higher rate than the peak of four of the last five flu seasons meanwhile Orange County is recorded its first out of the flu season health officials say it was a test in man with underlying medical conditions who died near the end of December from comp cations later to influenza B. his name and age were not released orange county's health officer says the death is an important reminder that the flu can be very serious and everyone over the age of six months to be vaccinated against it filing by some of the victims in the deadly Labor Day dive boat disaster say the boat's captain and owners are to blame shortly after the dive boat conception disaster is owners did file court documents saying that they were exempt from liability based on old maritime law now lawyers representing for the victims say that the boat's owner is liable they're alleging in part the haphazard use of extension cords and power strips to charge lithium ion batteries which they say did start the fire we're not just talking about cell phones here this is sophisticated diving equipment and requires tremendous charging in puts you have under water scooters under water lighting still no final report from federal investigators on the fires because but attorneys for these victims say there is enough circumstantial evidence to prove to a jury that lithium ion batteries in the way they were being charged we're both to blame in Westwood Craig figure can extend seventy newsradio state lawmakers as our personal experience drover to introduce a bill that would make it illegal to send on wanted lewd photos online or the text messages diamond bar publicans at order ling ling Chang tells Kay and actually started to get these types of pictures after making herself on Publix our constituents could contact I'm hoping that this bill will bring awareness because it wasn't until I told my story that women would would would say to me yeah that I've experienced that Jane says she was surprised to learn it's not already illegal to send on wanted lewd photos if the bill passes the punishment would be a fine there's a similar law in Texas coming up or to be checking on a the single that is just cleared on the six oh five north and one day all that is four minutes.

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