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Yeah i mean weird david that but it is like you know. That's one less thing they have to worry about. Let's talk about the olympics. And we're gonna do whole episode on that of course because we're here out here at the twenty five year anniversary so we don't want to talk all about the olympics now but a few months after this man you're going to be in the biggest stage of them all and accomplish all of your goals here and you hold a press conference afterwards and of course that's natural. That always happens. But you see nancy in the crowd crying. Say to the crowd quote. Nancy i just want you to know. Dave had the greatest impact on the world on me. That one was for dave to. I wanna thank you for everything you did for me and i especially want. Thank your husband for helping me win the gold medal. This is the bright spot in the story that he may be gone but his legacy lives on through your olympic victory right. Yes i couldn't have done it without dave or nancy. I mean those two of the most giving people in the world what they did for me for my wrestling career. How nancy was able to Continue to pay me while. I competed During the olympic trouser the olympics. Those two of the most giving people i've ever met and i'm indebted for the rest of my life to them. Let's bring the focus. Back to david schultz for a minute. When he died. David was only thirty six years old. he was maybe past his elite prime from the eighties. But he's still trying to make the olympics one last time and he was great so great that he was ranked number one in the usa in his weight. Class and ninety five. How do you think the olympics would have shaken out. Had they've been a part of them well if they would continue to be a number one in nineteen ninety six says he was in nineteen ninety five. He made the world team that year in nineteen ninety six. He was ranked number one but we still had the olympic trials. He won the trials. He definitely would have metal. There's no doubt about that That's our best way class It's our most competitive way. Class is the one hundred sixty three pound weight class. Read rahmat position or batman that weight. Category and dave dave or kenny. Monday or who. Whoever was going to be so they. Dave was definitely one of the favorites. If he would have made the team he definitely want to tell are just pro wrestling fans. Who are listening. How important mr schulz was to you. Almost all of your gear wasn't no mice today. Schultz can you explain that. Yes my rookie. Year i wore dave schultz his singlet the one day attributed to dave after his death warrant in one thousand nine hundred five world championships. It's the red red and blue singlet with the medicine flag on the front award my rookie year. And that's the same singlet that dave they made in remembrance. Dave i did that In memory day. Let's start with some questions. We got a ton here Roger wants to know kurt. Did you see the film. And what did you think of it. I thought the film was good. I thought it was really accurate. Except for the annual endo that mark might have been gay with john that was just a little farfetched and they did some things up trauma. Another thing was john dupont. Mother was not alive with foxcatcher started. So those two things are young things but other than that. It was pretty accurate. Omar wants to know if he was alive when you decided to pursue a career in professional wrestling. What would he said about it. Actually dave he's a free spirit said go get it man that money. That's day day would have been a hundred percent Supportive of it definitely. That's the kind of guy he is. He just is a california boy. You know. He goes with the wind and You know he's he's just I never seen him have an argument with anybody. He's the nicest guy in the world he would've said go do it. A wrestling historian wants to know what was the best lesson. Dave told you that you can never learn enough. That learning is never finished. Not until the day you die. I'm sure that they that's the way dave let his life. I'm sure he learns something new right before his death because he was always learning and I took his advice. You know off the the only way you learn by listening and You know you you talking all the time you're not gonna learn anything right you listening to somebody and taking their advice. That's how you learn. That's what they've taught me. Christian says he explained in an interview that whenever a tragedy happened to. You use that pain to fuel yourself into working harder. Do you think that every highlight of your career as a result from that or is it just a coincidence. No i think it's a result of it. I've always been able to deal with controversy and pain I think the reason is i. Try to shut it out. Try to keep myself busy by doing the task at hand. Which for most of my life has been competing and performing. So you know. It's one of those things. Where i i just have to You know stay focused on it. And do what i do best. And that's what i jam wagner wants to know any memories of kenny monday. He wrestled at dave's wait. One golden eighty-eight four years after dave and silver in ninety two kennedy monday was one of the best wrestlers in the history of american wrestling to. He's up there with dave and they were both competing for the same spot. They actually rotated nineteen eighty-four eighty eight ninety two Back and forth so Both of them were exceptional wrestlers and a two of the best wrestlers of all time and Kenny was very special. He added a great talent. He was really quick russians. Nickname them Because he was like a cat and him and dave would have been the two favorites. Well i know what kenny. Mondays favorite snack would be these days if he's looking for protein and of course it's chicken snacks and man. I gotta tell you. 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