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I board a plane to perth australia to begin my new adventure when i arrived i was escort to a dorm room as a temporary place to live and tell i found an apartment when i woke up that first morning i freaked out my mental state was less than stable my thoughts varied from straight up panic to depression and every emotion between they would go as follows what are you doing you were thirty one years old with no job living in a foreign country or this is pathetic you don't belong phd program or a few choice ford's leading up to i'm not smart enough you get the idea declare my head i decided to lay out my sneakers and go for run i had music blaring in my ears to drown out my thoughts as i headed down sterling highway at six in the morning towards cottesloe beach uw allies next to this one river in at the bottom of slight hill so i was running up the hill i was confused tired feeling negative about everything out of breath and getting ready to turn around and head back to my dorm room and sulk but when i got to the top of the hill what i saw changed my life i'm not using hyperbole here for the sake of drama it literally changed everything i took a deep breath and began slow down to a walk i looked up the sky was deep blue the day was chris but comfortable and the smell the ocean engulfed my senses my eyes locked onto the vast blue of the indian ocean and the green of the trees on the coast and breeze brush across my face i was about two and a half miles from the beach but i began to run towards it and with every step that took me near to the beach mining zaidi depression in doubt began to leave my body the weight of the world felt like it was being taken off of my shoulders put on the ground and left to rot on its own in that moment my resilience and flexibility increased more importantly that moment allowed me to embrace a new challenge in the face of the unknown.

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