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Advisor or conduct your own due diligence investing prescreened and the show was prerecorded earlier this week Rick is with element Financial Engines supported Financial Engines advisors LLC and the investment advisor that furnishes. This program Barron's has ranked it'll financial services is the number one independent advisory firm in the nation based on assets managed team size experience and regulatory record firm self nominate investor returns and experience or not considered. It'll mean combined with Financial Engines advisors in November two thousand eighteen this is an encore presentation of the Rick Edelman show. This is the Rick Edelman show. Edelman Financial Engines is the number one ranked investment advisor in the country by failing. Now, here's Rick Eshelman on a very happy weekend to you. Welcome to the Rick Edelman show. Lots to talk about with you today. The goal this radio show is you know, is to help you prepare for your financial future. And that means being prepared at all times. Whether those times are good or bad. And so I put together for you. Some of our favorite calls to show you that your financial situation and your individual goals are crucial to the decisions you'll make when it comes to choosing investments and your investment strategy. And how important it is. That you resist the temptation to act on impulse based on what you hear on the news or what happens one day or another in the market if you need help right now. And you might wondering what do in today's environment? Call us a triple eight plan RIC. That's triple eight seven five to sixty seven forty two. You can also visit us online at Financial Engines, just go to my namesake, website rice, Delman dot com. Ric Edelman dot com and want you to enjoy today's show..

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